April 20, 2021

Why Does My Cannabis Smell Like Hay/Grass

If you’re familiar with cannabis, you can safely say that it has a very distinct smell that can be recognized pretty easily. It can have tones of fruit, earthy, musky, herbal or skunk smells depending on the strain you’ve chosen. That being said, when you’re expecting those types of smells and you’re cannabis ends up smelling like traditional grass or even like hay, then you might be slightly concerned that something is wrong with your grow.

In this post we’re going to be talking about why your cannabis might smell like grass or hay, what it means, and what you can do moving forward.

My Cannabis Smells Like Hay Or Grass – What Does It Mean?

why does my cannabis smell like hay

Generally speaking this grass or hay smell on your cannabis is coming from chlorophyll which is natural to cannabis. That being said, when you dry and cure your cannabis this chlorophyll should naturally die out as the buds are being dried. If you don’t dry your cannabis for long enough then the chlorophyll doesn’t have enough time to dry out and disappear. This is a slight indicator that your cannabis is still a bit wet and not fully dry. When you’re harvesting your bud, you’ll need to ensure that you’re drying and curing for long enough to give your cannabis the best chance and best experience.

Is My Weed Ruined If It Smells Like Hay?:

Have no fear, you’re grow isn’t necessarily ruined if it has a hay or grass smell. As mentioned above this is because of the existing chlorophyll which didn’t have enough time to dry out fully and give you your traditional smell.

That being said, although you can still continue with your grow and end up smoking it, it does impact the overall effect of the grow. Although it is definitely still a effective grow, it won’t be an amazing experience. The grass/hay smell will take away from the traditional smell and taste of the strain and will negatively impact the terpenes in the strain. The terpenes are the piece that gives each strain a different smell and taste, and the chlorophyl ends up overpowering these terpenes so it gives you more of a bland experience.

Preventing This In The Future:

You’ll be able to prevent this in the future by ensuring your drying and curing your grows for long enough which allows your buds to dry out completely and allows the terpenes take over rather than being overwhelmed by chlorophyl. Along with this, I’d recommend purchasing seeds from high quality seed banks to ensure you’re receiving seeds that will set you up effectively. I’d recommend taking a look at ILGM and Crop King Seeds. These two seed banks offer payments from Paypal and also accept Venmo and Cash App which most seed banks don’t. So I’d definitely recommend you give them a try.

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