April 23, 2020

Seedsman Review – Top Seed Selection Seed Bank

When you’re looking to buy seeds, it can be daunting to weed (no pun intended) through all the reviews and find a seed bank that is really going to make your buying process as easy as possible. Whether you’re afraid of receiving cannabis seeds that don’t germinate, or a seeds shipment getting lost in the post, you need a company that will stand behind the quality of their product and also stands with their customers. 

Thankfully after spending years testing different brands, I’m here to provide an honest review on one of the biggest seed banks in the industry; Seedsman.com! In this review, you’ll find out more about their seed selection, seed quality, customer support, shipping, pricing and promotions, and much much more which will help you make a more informed decision when purchasing your cannabis seeds online! I hope you enjoy our review!

Pros of Seedsman:

  • Some of the consistently highest quality seeds available on the market.
  • Features probably the largest seed strain selection out of any company I’ve used. They have over 3,300 different strains and seeds available for you to choose from!
  • Prices are extremely reasonable and very competitive with any other bank I’ve used. Along with this, the seed quality is very high so it’s definitely a great deal!
  • Features worldwide seeds shipping (Including shipping to the USA and Canada)
  • If your cannabis seeds are confiscated through customs, Seedsman will reship your package for free!
  • Offer a huge selection of seeds including seeds for medicinal and beginners.
  • Orders are shipped using discrete shipping packaging.
  • They accept Bitcoin and even offer 15% off when you purchase using Bitcoin!
  • They have a pretty valuable loyalty program and offer regular seeds discounts and promotions.

Cons of Seedsman:

  • Customer service has been a little spotty in the past, but they are improving. It used to take up to a week for their customer service team to get back to me about a specific question I had about my order or about a specific strain, but in the past year or two, they’ve definitely improved this. I now tend to get responses within 48 hours.
  • Seeds are only guaranteed to germinate if you live in a country or state where marijuana is legal. Some other seed banks like ILGM, will offer a “no questions asked” guarantee in terms of germination. This means that if your seeds don’t germinate above 80%, then they’ll resend you seeds without making you jump through any hurdles to get them. 

Most Popular Seed Strains From Seedsman:

Seedsman History:

They have been in the seed bank business since 2002, making them one of the older companies in the industry. They are based in Barcelona, Spain, and have quite a reputation as experts in cannabis genetics and strains. They’ve played quite the history in the industry, and have great amounts of work bringing additional feminized seeds to market in the early 2000s. Over the past nearly 20 years, they’ve picked up quite the reputation for having one of the largest online selections out of any company available. When I first started looking for cannabis seeds online, I was truly shocked by the pure number of choices that they offer. 

Not only do they focus on high-quality seeds, but they also care deeply about the entire cannabis community and industry. On their About Page, they discuss their history and their ongoing fight to help support any pro-cannabis legislation and they also have a huge focus on cannabis education as well. They state that a portion of their profits gets poured back into these programs to help the overall cannabis industry.

They also places a big focus on supporting local breeders and features over 120 different breeds on their marketplace with a huge amount of cannabis seeds available to order! 

Seedsman Seed Quality (4.5/5.0):

seedsman seed bank

When you’re looking at purchasing seeds online, you want to be sure that they are actually going to germinate, and that the seed quality is high. Thankfully Seedsman seeds has aced this test and their seeds germinate at an extremely high rate. I personally haven’t had any issues with dead seeds or with germination, and I haven’t heard any reports of either of those as well.

All seeds sold by Seedsman are either personally breeder by them or they’re breeder by some of their trusted partners. These seeds go through a thorough screening and testing process which helps to ensure that all seeds are inspected and of high-quality before being shipped out to customers.

That being said, their germination policy isn’t super cut and dry. They tend to give you a free reshipment of any cannabis seeds on any order that doesn’t germinate, but this is really only the case if you live in countries where cannabis is legal. That being said, this is generally only within 90 days of purchase, and you will have to work this out with customer support. Other seed banks like ILGM offer no question asked reshipments, so I definitely wish Seedsman was a bit more clear on this front.

That being said, when you’re looking at the individual seeds, they all have gotten really good reviews. Along with this, on their website, users can review and rate individual strains so you can see what other customers like and don’t like about individual strains. That being said, the seed quality is generally very high with Seedsman!

Seedsman Strain Selection (5.0/5.0):

is seedsman legit

In this Seedsman review, we just had to talk about their cannabis seed selection… It’s the best in the industry! This seed bank offers strains from over 120 different breeders and they state that they have over 4,000 different strains on their website!! So let’s quickly take a look at the best part of this review!

If you’re looking for brand new strains or seasonal/limited edition strains, then Seedsman seeds is the best choice for you! If you’re looking at another seed bank and they don’t have what you’re looking for, then Seedsman will! With the largest seed selection in the industry, you’ll be sure to find something you love!

Seedsman offers Regular Seeds, Feminized Seeds, Autoflowering Seeds, and other strains like fast-flowering, Sativa strains, indoor strains, ect. On their site they allow you to filter their cannabis seeds by Price, Beginner Friendly, Insect Resistant, THC Content, CBD Content, Plant Height, Flowering Time, and many other features!

Because they have so many different strains available it could be easy to get lost in the pure number of strains, but thankfully with all their filtering and sorting options available on their site, it gives you an extremely easy way to navigate through all the strains and find the best one for you.

So whether you’re looking for a very specific strain, looking for medicinal strains, or anything in between, Seedsman has a large enough seed selection that you’ll find exactly what you what!

Seedsman Customer Service (4.0/5.0)

In this review section, we’ll be looking at customer support and service!

Seedsman knocks every section out of the park, but their lowest-rated section in this review, unfortunately, is their customer service / support. That being said, their customer service is definitely better than multiple other seed banks around.

Seedsman does a good job at providing information to customers. They have a very extensive knowledge bank which you can search for any questions you might have related to growing or purchasing cannabis seeds online. Which is definitely a positive, and helps with their overall customer service. Don’t be afraid to look through their website or ask their customer service specific questions about strains or your grow.

Unfortunately, Seedsman’s customer service phone lines use an extensively automated response system which actually makes it a bit difficult to actually talk to a human if you have a specific question or an issue with your order. This can be pretty frustrating, especially if you’re just trying to get answers about your order or cannabis seeds. But if you’re willing to put a little time on the phone, they really do a good job of answering any service based questions or make sure you have answers for your grow!

That being said, when I have had an issue I’ve been able to open a customer support ticket obout my order, and I’ll usually get an answer within 48 hours via email. So overall it’s still pretty solid, but if you’re someone who likes talking to someone on the phone to answer a quick question, then this customer service might be a bit frustrating to you.  I’ve also found that if you’re looking for answers after you’ve already ordered, then they’re a bit faster in responding.

Overall still very solid customer service and definitely better customer service than another seed bank you might use!

Website Design and Ease of Use: (Seedsman.com)

When you’re looking for seeds, then the ability to easily navigate a website is of high importance! Seedsman’s website does a great job at being simple and straightforward. They have a very intuitive shopping experience which makes it extremely easy to find the seeds you’re looking for, and continue on through the checkout process.

So no matter if you’re looking for feminized seeds or auto flowering, you’ll be able to easily find what you’re looking for. Along with this, they have a search option to easily find specific strains, as well as display similar options.

Seedsman Customer Reviews (5.0/5.0):

Overall, what do other customers think about Seedsman? In this review section, we’ll quickly run over what other customers think of them as a whole.

Thankfully you can easily see what people think by checking out the individual reviews on each strain. Along with this, customers are allowed to leave comments which means you get an easy inside scoop for each individual strain you might be looking at from people that have ordered it! It’s definitely a great place to pick up any growing or harvesting tips for individual strains, and also get a better feel for the effects of the strain. If you’re ever hesitant about a strain, just check out a review or two on the website and you’ll have a much better understanding of the strain from a customer whose ordered its perspective.

You might be worried that Seedsman might just filter out any negative reviews for their strains, and thankfully that isn’t the case. Negative reviews are on full display as well which definitely helps you trust Seedsman and also helps you get a better understanding of the strains they offer. This definitely makes your order process much easier! You’re getting the good the bad and the ugly from people that have ordered the seeds.

For Seedsman as a whole, the vast majority of customer reviews are very very positive, with not many issues in terms of seed germination or shipping issues. That being said, just like any business there have been a few unsatisfied customers who have shared their experiences, but these are definitely just a few and far between. I know to buy from new seed banks for the first time can be a little daunting, but you’ll be extremely happy with the Seedsman seeds you’ve ordered!

Seedsman Payment Options (5.0/5.0):

In this review section, we’ll be taking a look at payments!

Payment options are usually a topic of hot debate when it comes to buying seeds online from a seed bank. Many seed banks only offer a few options due to the restrictions in the cannabis industry. Thankfully though, Seedsman payment options are plentiful and making purchasing and setting up an order, a breeze!

They offer payment methods from the following options:

As you can see, Seedsman seed bank definitely offers a good amount of payment options, and it truly just makes it extremely easy for the customer. If you are someone who has Bitcoin, I, of course, recommend purchasing cannabis seeds using Bitcoin because you’ll save a good chunk of money. Along with this, they offer payments via credit card which is a nice touch from a seed bank. That being said, if you want a seed bank that accepts PayPal, then we have you covered.

As for ease of payment, they make it quite easy. They have a very thorough guide that will walk you through how to pay for any of their accepted payment methods. This ensures you’ll be getting your seeds quickly and without any headaches during your order.

Payment methods for a seed bank are of huge importance, and being able to use credit cards and debit cards is a huge plus. So if you’re someone that doesn’t know how to or doesn’t want to go through the effort of purchasing Bitcoin, Seedsman’s credit cards and bank transfer option is a lifesaver!

Seedsman Shipping and Stealth Shipping Methods(4.0/5.0):

In this review section, we’ll be looking at everything involved with shipping!

Shipping is very important when it comes to purchasing cannabis seeds. You want a company that will keep your seeds order packaged in a good and discrete way, called stealth shipping (this helps reduce seizures at Customs if you’re in a country that doesn’t allow cannabis seeds to be shipped, and it also helps to give you additional privacy), and you also want a company that is reliable with their shipping. You want to feel confident that once you purchase your cannabis seeds, they will get shipped out in a reasonable time (usually within one or two working days), and that they’ll actually make it to you.

Thankfully they does a pretty great job overall with shipping seeds all over the world and in a reliable shipping time as well!

Seedsman definitely puts a lot of effort into shipping your seeds in discrete packaging (stealth shipping), and in my experience, it’s been a great help. Once ordered, their marijuana seeds are shipping in standard looking bubble wrapped envelope without any markings or identification on it. In my experience, I’ve also seen them ship their seeds inside regular household items like DVD cases and pens to help lower seizures even further!

Along with this, if you purchased using a bank transfer or using credit cards, the statements are generally very generic and won’t give away what the purchase was on any statements.  I’ve ordered in the past and have felt very protected in terms of my privacy.

So if you’re looking for discretion in their shipping, then they do a good job.

Unfortunately they don’t offer free shipping like ILGM does, and they also don’t promise to reship orders if your seeds get lost in the mail unless you opt into their shipping insurance.

Their shipping prices are based on location rather than using a flat-rate payment, so shipping prices will vary. So don’t wait until after you’ve ordered to get an idea of shipping price, you can check it out on their website.

That being said, I think their shipping is pretty solid. I do think ILGM offers a better shipping experience due to their free shipping and shipping guarantees, but overall Seedsman is a solid option.

Seedsman Promotions and Discounts (5.0/5.0)

In this review section, we’ll be looking at promotions, discounts, and freebies!

If you’re in it for the seeds discounts and promotions, then you’ve come to the right place. Seedsman constantly seems to be running a deal or promotion constantly, and occasionally they’ll be giving out free seeds!

Depending on how much you spend you’ll be entitled to additional offers and freebies such as free shipping, free seeds if you spend more than 30 bucks, and various other seeds promos that are constantly going on. Nobody can be mad at free seeds! If you’re looking for save some money, then I’d highly recommend checking out their offers page!

In my experience, they offer some of the most comprehensive promotions and freebies of any seed bank I’ve dealt with. It seems like every time I order I’m always being offered freebies on various seeds or discounts which from a seed bank, is very nice to see.

Loyalty Program and Loyalty Points:

As of 2020, they also offer a very comprehensive loyalty program which gives you the ability to earn loyalty points for every purchase you make. With these loyalty points, you will save money on future orders.

A neat feature is that you can also earn additional loyalty points by referring people to Seedsman, and you’ll earn points whenever they place an order! It’s always nice to rack up enough points after you’ve ordered to start planning your next order!

I’d say their loyalty program is definitely one of the best I’ve used, so go ahead and start earning some loyalty points and free seeds with every order!

Seedsman Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is Seedsman Legit?:

Yes, they are legit. They’ve been around since 2002, and they are one of the best-known seed banks in the industry. They sell cannabis seeds which are extremely high quality, and you’ll be extremely satisfied with any order of seeds you purchase! If you’re still skeptical, take a look at their 9,000+ reviews on TrustPilot! I’ve personally ordered through them 15+ times and I’ve had a great experience every time! They will make the process extremely easy, and their customer service is good!

What Is the Shipping Time to The USA?:

When you’re purchasing from the USA, shipping time can also be a bit of a long process. Seedsman states that shipment time to the USA usually take around 7-25 days after your order. From my experience, I generally have seen the shipments take around two weeks for my order. That being said, sometimes US Customs is bogged down and it will take a few more days than that. Compared to competitors this is pretty good, and aren’t many other brands that can beat that time on their orders.

Final Thoughts on Seedsman Seeds:

In this Seedsman review I hope you’ve learned a bit more about them as a company, and their products. They really do strive to be as professional as possible, and they’ve quickly become my number 1 seed bank due to their huge seed selection, their high quality of marijuana seeds, and the overall quick and easy experience.

They make it extremely easy to order, if you’re gonna try one seed bank, then have it be Seedsman seeds! Go ahead and give Seedsman a shot for your next order! Their website is extremely easy to navigate and gives you plenty of options to save some money, and even offers free seeds once in a while!

Thank you for reading this Seedsman review, if you have any questions please leave a comment below by using the comment form, and be sure to check out Seedsman.com

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