August 24, 2020

3 Best Seed Banks That Accept Venmo For Cannabis Seeds – 2021

Updated on January 24th 2021: So, you’re looking to buy cannabis seeds online, but you want to use Venmo? What seed banks accept Venmo? Is it safe to use Venmo to purchase cannabis seeds online? What are the pros and cons?

Well, don’t you worry. We’ve done our research and we have answers to all these questions and more! Below you will find the best seed banks that accept Venmo in 2021!

Seed Banks That Take Venmo Payments:

Crop King Seeds

BC, Canada

Shipping Worldwide

Bitcoin and Venmo Accepted

Credit Cards Accepted

Special Offers!

Visit Website

Read Review

Why Should You Use Venmo For Cannabis Seeds?:

Venmo has been around since 2009, and has really transformed the way we send money for both personal and business reasons. Venmo does a great job of making it very easy to setup an account and link your bank account. From there you can send and receive money simply by knowing someone’s Venmo username.

Seed Banks That Accept Venmo

Using Venmo to purchase cannabis seeds is similar to using Zelle, and overall is probably easier than using a service like PayPal or even Bitcoin. All you need is someones Username or Email to send money to (which the seed banks will provide you). This makes it a great option for cannabis seeds.

Cons of Using Venmo:

One of the only main cons of using Venmo to purchase marijuana seeds online is really that not too many seed banks accept Venmo. This means you’re slightly more limited in terms of strains (thankfully Crop King Seeds accepts Venmo and also has a good selection!) That being said, if you’re open to other payment methods like Credit Card or even Master Card then you’ll have a better choice of seed banks to use.

Which Seed Banks Accept Venmo As Payment?:

As mentioned previously, not as many seed banks accept Venmo as other payment options. But thankfully, one of my favorite seed banks accepts Venmo, so you don’t even have to worry about using another payment method.

Crop King Seeds:

Crop King Seeds has been around for quite a few years and is located in British Columbia, Canada. They focus on having extremely high quality seeds and also excellent customer service! They accept quite a few different payment methods, and their customer service agents do a great job of answering any questions you might have!

Overall, Crop King Seeds is one of my favorite seed banks. They have great seed quality with a germination guarantee, they offer a great selection of seeds, and they are extremely easy to use. I fully recommend you take a look at Crop King Seeds, especially if you plan on using Venmo!

Final Thoughts on Venmo and Cannabis Seeds:

As you might have gathered from our guide, is that there are only a few seed banks that actually accept Venmo. Thankfully, one of these is Crop King Seeds who is one of my go to seed banks regardless of payment method you’re using!

If you’re planning on buying cannabis seeds online using Venmo, then have no fear, Crop King Seeds is a great option for you, and they’ll ensure your seeds arrive right to your door!

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