June 15, 2020

3 Reliable Seed Banks That Accept PayPal 2021 – USA and Abroad!

Last Updated April 29th 2021: Now especially, everything in the world is run off of the internet. You can pretty much purchase anything you want off the internet and shopping as a whole has evolved. This is especially true with buying marijuana seeds online through marijuana seed banks.

When you do your regular shopping online you’re generally given a handful of different payment processors to use, from Visa cards to cash to even pay via Bitcoin. Another extremely popular payment form is through your PayPal account. And if you’re used to traditional online shopping, then you’re probably asking “Can I use Paypal to purchase marijuana seeds?”.

The answer to this question is… It depends/sometimes.

Best Online Seeds Banks That Accept Paypal:

Best Overall2nd Choice
Crop King SeedsWeedSeedsExpress
Shipping WorldwideShipping Worldwide
-Credit Card
-Bank Transfer
-Credit Card
-Bank Transfer
Visit Crop King SeedsVisit WeedSeedsExpress

Why You Would Want to Use Paypal To Buy Seeds Online?:

Why do people want to use Paypal to purchase seeds online you might ask? Well, Paypal is one of the most convenient online payment processors available simply because all you have to do is create an account, and link it to your bank account or credit card and you’re ready to pay! So once you have your Paypal account set up all you have to do is login and you can send the payment. Extremely easy and convenient! This may be one of the simplest payment options for people that regular purchase online or are looking to pay for online goods.

Paypal Has Privacy Protection:

Furthermore, a Paypal account is a great way for those who want to keep an extra level of privacy. So if you want to make marijuana seeds purchases and you don’t want them to show up directly on your bank account or credit card statement, then Paypal is an excellent option. So this is the perfect solution for buying marijuana seeds online compared to using a credit card. You may want to consult your credit card company account to ensure how they might display these transactions.

Paypal Is Secure:

Along with this, Paypal has been around for years and is one of the most secure and trusted payment processors around. This means you don’t have to feel worried that your funds or personal information might get stolen or lost. Paypal also doesn’t share any financial information with the merchant, this means that they act as a gatekeeper and ensure the funds are paid for, but they don’t pass along unnecessary information. This way it means more privacy for you and may keep your identity more secure in the future!

Paypal Has A Mobile App:

Another great thing about purchasing with PayPal is just how convenient they make using their platform. They have a mobile app that makes it extremely easy to browse your account, send money, and purchase items online! This means you don’t have to be on your computer to make a purchase, you can use it on the go!

Pay Pal Sometimes Offers Discounts:

No matter what you’re buying online, who doesn’t like saving money? Well with PayPal you can sometimes save quite a bit of money from time to time. From time to time they often will offer a few dollars off your next purchase when you choose to use PayPal. So if you’re going to purchase online either way, it’s always an added benefit to save some money as well!

Paypal Has Purchase Protection:

Lastly, Paypal offers a very strong purchase protection guarantee. This means that if you’re trying to buy a product online and the merchant takes your money or the product never gets delivered, Paypal will fight for you and work to ensure that you get your money back or you get the product you were promised.

This is a reason that Paypal is great and this is perfect for buying marijuana seeds because if you are wanting to buy marijuana seeds online from a little known seed bank, then it gives you that extra level of security from creating an account that takes 5 minutes. I definitely trust Paypal with my marijuana seeds purchases and I know their account protection guarantee may save me a large sum of money in the future.

The Downside of Using Paypal To Purchase Cannabis Seeds Through Seed Banks:

So now that we’ve talked up Paypal and how great it is, why doesn’t everyone use Paypal? And unfortunately, this is a pretty complex reason involving the user payment agreement with Paypal and it’s merchants.

Most cannabis seed banks refuse to accept using Paypal as a payment method for marijuana seeds because Paypal has an acceptable use policy that every merchant must abide by in order to take payments by Paypal. This policy specifically talks about not accepting Paypal for “narcotics” which includes weed seeds. That being said, Paypal doesn’t always know what specific funds are paying for so it’s difficult for them to track what individual transactions are for and what these payments are paying for.

This is why some seeds banks have decided it may be worth the risk for to accept PayPal as a payment method because PayPal doesn’t always catch on after a few transactions and they can often fly under the radar. Because of this, a few seed banks still take PayPal for cannabis seeds because it’s an added perk for users looking to buy marijuana seeds and may be worth risking it.

Along with this Paypal is often one of the more expensive payment processors for seed banks and other online stores. Paypal charges 2.9% of the transaction plus $0.30 USD per transaction as their fee to pay. This makes using Paypal more expensive of a payment method than others which also makes a lot of seed banks question using it or not with their seeds.

Which Cannabis Seed Banks Accept Paypal?:

Unfortunately, the worry of having their Paypal account shut down or their funds frozen has kept a lot of the large seed banks from continuing to take payments by Paypal. The likes of Seedsman and ILGM are some of the best options in the market if you’re fine not using Paypal and just using your bank account or a credit card.

That being said if you’re dead set on purchasing your marijuana seeds from seed banks that accept Paypal, then CKS is the best option and they will allow you to pay via PayPal! They have great seeds, great customer service, and they ship worldwide (even to the United States). So if you’re looking to use Paypal for cannabis seeds, look no further!

Crop King Seeds makes it extremely easy to purchase your cannabis seeds online via Paypal. All you have to do is select the cannabis seeds you’d like to purchase through their easy to use website, proceed to checkout, and then once you select your shipping country the option to take Paypal to buy marijuana seeds will present itself! From there you just checkout as usual and they will prompt you with the traditional Paypal payment.

Not only does Crop King Seeds accept Paypal, Crop King Seeds was featured on our Best Seed Banks list, so you don’t have to worry about using a sketchy seed bank to buy your cannabis seeds, and you don’t have to worry about your credit card being stolen. CKS has been around for years and is one of the best in the industry! I believe CKS is the only seed bank that accepts Paypal that’s featured on our best seed banks list. Along with this, they have some of the best cannabis seeds in the industry, with extremely high quality standards.

Get Your Seeds From Crop King Seeds Today!

How to Purchase Cannabis Seeds With PayPal Via Crop King Seeds:

  1. Visit CropKingSeeds.com and select the seeds that you wish to purchase, and place them in your cart.
  2. Navigate to your Cart, and Click Checkout.
  3. Fill out Billing Information, and Select PayPal from the payment options.
  4. Make note of your order number, and CropKingSeeds will provide you a PayPal email address to send your PayPal payment to.
  5. Navigate to Paypal.com or the app, and send the indicated payment amount to the indicated email address with your order number in the PayPal Notes section.
  6. Once CropKingSeeds confirms the PayPal payment, your order will be fulfilled!

Why It’s Important To Choose Trustworthy Seed Banks When Using PayPal

When you’re looking for a new seed bank online it can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the options. Unfortunately, not all of these companies may have your best interests at heart. There are quite a few brands that have no intentions of sending you seeds after you’ve paid for them, and there are also companies that don’t stand by their product and will simply send you poor quality seeds to save money.

When you’re looking for seeds, you shouldn’t have to question if the company is going to actually send you what you order, or ever question the quality of the product. By choosing a trustworthy seed bank such as Crop King Seeds you’ll be using a brand that has thousands of positive reviews and accepts PayPal for your ease of purchasing.

Final Thoughts on Buying Marijuana Seeds With Paypal

Overall I know it can be difficult to find options to buy cannabis seeds via Paypal strictly because your go-to seed bank might not accept Paypal. That being said, Crop King Seeds will come to your rescue!

Crop King Seeds makes it extremely easy to use Paypal when buying cannabis seeds, and you don’t have to worry about strictly using your credit card when purchasing marijuana seeds. Furthermore buying seeds with Paypal gives you extra protection and privacy compared to other payment methods. So if you’re looking to buy marijuana then put away your credit cards, and use Paypal!

I hope our guide on seed banks that accept Paypal has been helpful for those of you looking to buy cannabis seeds online. If you have any questions about using Paypal to buy marijuana seeds or you’re wondering who allows the purchase of seeds with Paypal, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to get back to you! If you need more information on using Paypal, then check out the guide put out by FlowerAndFreedom.

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