January 24, 2021

3 Trusted Seed Banks That Accept Cash For Cannabis Seeds! (Updated For 2023)

Last Updated March 3rd, 2023: There is only one way to stay truly anonymous when purchasing cannabis seeds online, and that’s to pay with cash. If you’re looking to purchase cannabis seeds online but you only want to pay with cash, it might be slightly difficult to find a seed bank that accepts cash as a payment option. But it’s not impossible! We went down this same rabbit hole and tried out 3 of the most trusted seed banks that take cash as a payment for seeds!

3 Seed Banks That Take Cash Payments:

I Love Growing Marijuana

Seedsman - Seedsman.com

Crop King Seeds

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Barcelona, Spain

BC, Canada

FREE Shipping Worldwide

Shipping Worldwide

Shipping Worldwide

Bitcoin Accepted

Bitcoin Accepted

Bitcoin/Venmo/ Cash App Accepted

Cash Accepted

Cash Accepted


Cash Accepted

Special Offers!

Special Offers!

Special Offers!

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Why Should You Consider Buying Seeds With Cash?:

It might seem odd to consider buying something online with physical cash, but there is a method to the madness. When you’re buying something such as cannabis seeds online, you might want an extra bit of privacy and security, and the only way to truly do this is by paying with cash. Similar to buying cannabis seeds with bitcoin, cash is a great way to add an additional level of security to your transactions.

seed banks that accept cash

When you send an envelope of cash it’s pretty much untraceable on what’s actually inside, and it helps create another level of security between yourself and the seed bank.

Cons of Paying For Cannabis Seeds Online With Cash:

Although it adds an extra level of security to the buyer, there is one main drawback of using physical cash to purchase seeds online…

It’s annoying. When paying with cash it means you physically need to get an envelope, put the exact amount of cash in the envelope, add the shipping address, put the correct stamps, and then finally drop it off at a mailbox. Overall it’s definitely not going to be as quick and seamless as buying cannabis seeds online with Paypal, but there are definitely benefits.

This all might seem like you’ve traveled back a few decades, but at the end of the day I suppose it’s not too bad.

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds With Cash From Crop King Seeds:

Buying with cash might seed slightly confusing since there are a few added steps, but if you choose any of these seed banks listed above, they make it extremely easy. Here are the basic steps if you’re going to use Crop King Seeds:

  1. Navigate to Crop King Seeds.
  2. Search through their online store and select the seeds you’re interested in and add them to your cart.
  3. Navigate to your Cart and select Checkout.
  4. Select your Country, and fill out the rest of your Billing and Shipping information.
  5. Select Cash as the payment method.
  6. Once everything is correct, select Place Order.
  7. After the order is placed you’ll receive further instructions including the amount of cash needed to be sent, the address to ship the cash to, and additional identification methods.
  8. Prepare an envelope with the shipping address given to you, with the correct amount of cash and proper postage stamps. Drop off at a mailbox.
  9. Once Crop King Seeds physically receives your payment (this could take a few days to a week or two depending on where you’re sending from), they will begin prepping the order and shipment. They should provide you with an update once they’ve received your payment.
  10. Receive your seeds directly to your door!

What Seed Banks Should I Use?:

At the top of this post you’ll see a handy table that breaks down 3 seed banks that accept cash and are reputable seed banks. I’ve used all three of these seed banks and I can’t recommend them enough. That being said, I tend to always recommend Crop King Seeds based on their excellent customer service.

Crop King Seeds:

Crop King Seeds is based in British Columbia, Canada, and they are one of the most popular seed banks in the industry. I first started using CKS a few years ago after I was testing some of the online sellers. They ship world wide, and they have an excellent selection of seeds!

Buying seeds with cash from Crop King Seeds

One of the first things that stuck out to me about Crop King Seeds is their customer support. They have a 24/7 customer support phone line as well as an interactive computer chat support that you can send messages to at any time of the day or night. They’ve been really helpful to me in picking out which seeds I’m interested in, and are there for any order related questions.

I recommend Crop King Seeds no matter what payment method you’re looking to use, but they also make buying with cash extremely easy and straight forward.

Final Thoughts on Buying Cannabis Seeds With Cash:

If you’re looking to buy cannabis seeds online with cash, have no fear, it’s definitely possible! If you choose to use any of the three seed banks listed above, you’ll have an extremely smooth buying process, and they truly do have your best interest at heart!



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