May 4, 2020

Royal Queen Seeds Review – Should You Trust The Queen?

We are going to give our honest opinion of Royal Queen Seeds. To fully review a company, we must investigate them fully and thoroughly. This will be an in-depth analysis of their history, reputation in the market, seed selection, seed quality, prices, and much more.

Best Alternatives:

We are going to give our honest opinion of True North Seed Bank. To fully review a company, we must investigate them fully and thoroughly. This will be an in-depth analysis of their history, reputation in the market, seed selection, seed quality, prices, and much more.

Royal Queen Seeds History:

Royal Queen Seeds do not have the normal, “About” page most websites have. You have to scroll down the home page to find out anything about their business. It is extremely important to know where these companies came from. They are a European seed company. They started off growing seeds in the Netherlands. After several years of perfecting their green thumb, they chose to begin their own line of cannabis seeds.

They do not have much to say about their history, but from what they did say, it seems like they had humble beginnings and grew from there. This Dutch seed company has over 20 years of experience growing seeds, specifically organic seeds.

Royal Queen Seeds Reputation (3.5/5):

It’s super interesting to compare what the company says about itself and what the cannabis community says about them. They state that they are one of the fastest-growing cannabis seed companies in Europe. This is an accomplishment to say the least. With places like the Netherlands and Spain producing high-quality cannabis, it is very bold to say that you are rising up in the community.

Now let’s hear what the community has to say about Royal Queen Seeds. They are a respected company in the community, honestly because of their quality seeds and also how long they’ve been in the industry. Having been in the cannabis industry for 20 years, they must know what they are doing.

They aren’t known well, despite having been in the industry for so long. It is unclear why they aren’t a household name because they have high-quality products and seeds. They previously sold other companies seed before selling their own, so this might be why they aren’t very well known. Although they aren’t well known yet, they are doing all of the right things to achieve their goals. If you used them before they started selling their own seeds, I’d suggest giving them another shot for your next grow because their seeds are great!

Royal Queen Seeds Seed Selection (4.5/5)

When it comes to a great selection, they do deliver. They have Autoflowering Seeds, USA Premium Seeds, Feminized Seeds, CBD Seeds, and Free Seeds. Sometimes cannabis companies will have such a wide selection of seed that they cannot control the quality, but they are different. They offer just enough variety to ensure quality seeds. No matter the type of grow, they will have high quality seeds for you to use!

Let’s dive into the variety of seeds they offer. They have 29 products in the Autoflowering Seed category. They don’t have a crazy amount of seeds in that category, but they have all of the most popular types of seed. They have Bubble Kush, Blue Cheese Automatic, and HulkBerry Automatic. For their Feminized Seeds, they have 52 products. They offer the classics like White Widow, Amnesia Haze, Northern light, Cookies Gelato, and OG Kush. They also offer some of their own special gems like Shogun, Fat Banana, and Honey Cream. In the category of CBD Seeds, there are 13 products. They are constantly revising their strains to ensure the best quality possible. The USA Premium Seeds is a very interesting category. They have 21 “in-your-face” strains to offer. Their USA Seeds are the most powerful and stickiest strains.

All in all, they have the perfect variety of seeds to continue having high-quality seeds to use for your next grow.

Royal Queen Seeds Seed Quality (5.0/5.0):

Royal Queen Seeds’ mission is to bring quality seeds to their customers to grow. Their 20 years of revising and perfecting their strains have allowed them to have the best products. They have a wide variety of seeds, but not so many it is overwhelming for the customer. At times, seed sellers have too many seeds and the quality of the seeds suffers because of that. Royal Queen Seeds does the opposite, offering just the right amount of perfectly potent seeds.

It is often hit or miss with seed quality, but you don’t have to worry about that when you are shopping with Royal Queen Seeds. One of the most impressive achievements they have is its almost perfect seeds germination rate. Their amazing germination rates come from the countless years of testing and refining cannabis seeds. Royal Queen Seeds have improved and revised their seeds to the point that customers can be at ease when purchasing their seeds. You don’t have to worry about quality seeds when buying from Royal Queen because all of their seeds are only of the highest grade.

Royal Queen Seeds Customer Service (3.5/5.0):

Customer Service can either make or break a company. When clicking on the “Contact” page, you are presented with a FAQ before you see the actual phone number.

It is very nice that they have FAQ photo categories such as Ordering Online, Pricing & Payment, Shipping and Delivery, Privacy & Security, Product Info, Returns, and Contact. Having such an elaborate FAQ section, makes questions easily answered without having to actually contact the company. Royal Queen Seeds’ goal of the FAQ page was to answer any question a potential customer may have. Although this page isn’t directly speaking to someone from the company, it is extremely helpful and great customer service.

To actually contact them about a seeds related issue, you have the standard form. There isn’t a whole lot of feedback from customers about them, but that isn’t because of a lack of quality customer service. Honestly, this is because of all of the information and resources the website has to offer. There isn’t a need to contact the company because there are rarely any issues that customers have.

Their seeds customer support isn’t really existent in the way typical customer service works. They have created such an easy to use website with so much information that there is no need to interact with the company itself. Royal Queen Seeds is one of the companies that are changing the way we see customer service. Yes, it is different from the typical customer service, they are just as effective in their own way.

Royal Queen Seeds Shipping (4.5/5):

They ship their seeds to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom​. All of the countries listed are European. Sadly, they don’t ship to the United States or Canada. Even though they have the USA Premium Seed category, they do not ship to the US.

Shipping Costs can be found on their FAQ page. They offer FREE SHIPPING to all of the countries they sell to. It makes sense that they offer free shipping to these countries because of the small distance. Royal Queen Seeds does offer stealth shipping, but for 5€​ . They do offer a disclaimer saying prices may be different depending on the country because they ship through UPS.

Their stealth shipping for seeds comes through in a DVD case…which is ingenious, to say the least. They also offer a​ tracking code by an email sent after the package has been dispatched. They say, “Do not be surprised if your order is delivered before you can track it!” So, this ensures that the delivery is extremely quick.

Royal Queen Seeds Pricing (5.0/5.0):

All of their seeds are of extraordinary quality. For such high-quality seeds, their prices are very reasonable. Compared to other sellers, Royal Queen Seeds prices are inexpensive…especially for their exceptional standard of seeds.

Their prices are way lower than other companies and their quality is way better. Their prices are low probably to attract more customers. For anyone wondering how you can pay, you can pay through Visa & Mastercard, Bank Transfer, and Bitcoin. Since they aren’t extremely popular, they don’t have payment options like PayPal.

Check, or Money Orders. In spite of the fact that they don’t have an extensive amount of payment options, the options they do have are the most common forms of online payment.

Royal Queen Seeds Sales, Deals, and Promotions (4.0/5.0):

A lot of cannabis seed sellers have free seeds to offer or other promotions and deals. Royal Queen Seeds are no different. They offer a free seed for a minimum order of €25, this isn’t a difficult amount to reach when buying cannabis seeds. W​hat makes Royal Queen Seeds special in their promotions is the way they conduct it. They offer free seeds, grinders, stickers, rolling papers, lighters, and posters for a certain amount of money spent or depending on the products the customer buys. They aren’t giving away cheap and low-quality products; Royal Queen Seeds are providing great products for free while their prices are already affordable.

In the cannabis seed industry, Royal Queen Seeds is providing such high-quality products at such low prices that it is honestly generous.

Final Thoughts on Royal Queen Seeds Reviews:

In conclusion, they do have amazing prices, incredible seeds, and a very navigable website. This up and coming company should be a household name already, but it is still growing in popularity. With 20 years in the industry, Royal Queen Seeds have honed the quality of their seeds.

I would recommend them to anyone in Europe. I wish they delivered to the United States and Canada…that would make them a lot more popular. Whenever they decide to go international they will truly become very well known. There is no reason they doesn’t have an extensive following, but they are definitely going to be popular soon. 

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