September 9, 2020

Purple Urkle Seeds For Sale & Where to Buy!

Purple Urkle. It’s a truly complex strain of marijuana with a complicated and slightly mysterious history. This strain was created in California, but the exact specifics are pretty much unknown. This strain is a blend of fruity and berry like aromas with a hint of skunk added onto it. This gives you a nice fruity and citrus combination with a little bit of bite from the skunk. It’s a truly unique smell that you will be able to recognize instantly.

Not only are Purple Urkle seeds popular because of the smell, but also because of the deep relaxation effects. Below we’ll break down where you can find Purple Urkle seeds for sale, the benefits and effects of this strain, and why you should give it a shot!

Effects of Purple Urkle Strain:

As mentioned above, Purple Urkle is known for some of its powerful and relaxing effects. If you’re one that is having issues sleeping, then this is the perfect strain for you!

Known as the ultimate relaxation strain, Purple Urkle is guaranteed to leave you super relaxed and possibly even leaving your locked in because it can be a couchlock strain.

This is also a great strain for someone who deals with anxiety, because it will completely take over and calm your thoughts. It provides full body relief similar to a strain like Charlotte’s Web and will ensure that you finally get some relief from whatever you’re dealing with.

Where To Buy Purple Urkle Seeds / Purple Urkle Seeds For Sale:

If you’re looking to purchase Purple Urkle seeds online, then look no further! We did our research and tested a few different providers, and there is none better than Pacific Seed Bank. You can read our Pacific Seed Bank Reviews page to view our in-depth thoughts.

Pacific seed bank provides you with extremely high quality customer support and high quality seeds. They’ve been in business since 2001, and have been servicing the online cannabis market ever since. I prefer to purchase from Pacific Seed Bank simply because of how easy they make the purchase process and how great their seeds are, so I definitely suggest you give them a try!

How Much Do Purple Urkle Seeds Cost?:

Final Thoughts on Purple Urkle Seeds:

Overall the Purple Urkle is a very popular strain for many reasons. It is one of the most relaxing and unwinding strains that I recommend to anyone that might be dealing with anxiety or trouble sleeping! It is a great strain, and is definitely one of my favorite strains.

Other Strains to Consider:

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