June 9, 2020

Paradise Seeds Review (Updated For 2023) – Paradise-Seeds.com

Last Updated March 2nd, February 2023: It’s 2023, you have hundreds of different online seed bank options to choose from and you’re probably wondering which seed bank is legit, and which seed banks you can actually trust to ship your seeds to you. Well have no fear, hear at BudInformer, we’ve tried hundreds of seed banks and we provide our honest reviews of all of them. Here is our Paradise Seeds Review!

Paradise Seeds Review

Paradise seeds has been around since 1994, and has built up a reputation of being a quality seed bank to buy cannabis seeds from. I personally have used them a few times, and the overall process has been extremely smooth each time, and I did receive my seeds. The only real downsides I have for Paradise Seeds is that the seeds are a bit more expensive than other seed banks, they don’t ship to USA, and they don’t offer a germination guarantee!

I personally still use ILGM and Crop King Seeds because they offer slightly better prices, and they offer germination guarantees! But Paradise Seeds is a decent option!

  • Website – https://www.paradise-seeds.com/
  • Phone Number – +31 20 737 1599
  • Email – customerservice@paradise-seeds.com
  • Location – Amsterdam – The Netherlands (Does NOT ship to USA)
  • Top Sellers – Rainbow Road, El Dorado OG, Sensi Star, Vertigo

Introduction to Paradise-Seeds.com

Touted as the oldest seedbank in Amsterdam, Paradise Seeds has kept up with the time and boasts a very modern, and easy-to use website that’s bright and user friendly. The seeds are house-bred, which not only adds to quality control abilities, but also helps keep costs low. With that, prices are very good, especially on the deals, and they offer about 50 strains, depending on the season and inventory. 

They pride themselves on customer service, and offering many different cannabinoid profiles, so you can get exactly what you’re looking for. Their house-bred seeds have won awards from the High Times Cannabis Cup, Highlife Cup, Copa del Mar, and many others. 


Founder Luc Krol, and a few people who are still part of his team, have been growing cannabis since the early 80s, and became talented geneticists very early in the game, crediting their own tastes as guides to breeding great strains. Since officially launching in 1994, they have always aimed to use the most potent strains in all their experimentation, and the awards mentioned in the introduction lends one to believe they’re doing a pretty darn good job. In Krol’s words, “Our aim was to create better weed with a sweet/spicy taste and a stronger high… for our own use.”

Oans of the craft, Luc and the gang still encourage home growers to send clones to their lab, and they may just like enough to breed with it! 


Being the oldest seedbank in Amsterdam is a pretty good start to getting a great reputation, which Paradise Seeds has, but keeping that reputation requires evolution and adaptation, which Paradise Seeds has done. The early geneticists (Luc, et. al) are given a nice share of credit for being a reason that Amsterdam, and Holland as a whole, became known the world around as having some of the best weed money (or travel) could buy. To say that Amsterdam’s reputation as we know it today was molded, at least in some part, by Paradise Seeds would be a very fair statement. 

As far as customer reviews go, the percentage of good to bad is outstanding, especially considering it’s a lot more natural for keyboard warriors to complain than it is to praise. Some people tout their selection, their frequency of germination, their customer service, their selection, and their shipping, but everyone touts the potency and taste of their final product. 

In a nutshell, their reputation is great because they produce great weed, and have been for more than three decades. 

Paradise Seeds Seed Selection (4.0/5.0):

Seed sales operations that strictly sell products they have bred themselves never are go-tos if you want to see a million different strains, but Paradise Seeds, which falls into the self-bred category, still offers quite a few strains; 45 currently, but sometimes that number is upwards of 50. Sifting through the digital seeds is very easy to do, even for novice online shoppers. The site has a bunch of keywords to narrow your search, including: sweet, lemony, berry, body high, powerful, and many more. 

The descriptions of the strains are great and certainly come from a place of wanting the customers to get something they will succeed in growing. Characteristics sheets include flowering time, effects, smell and taste, and yields. Their algorithm for related strains is pretty nifty too, and I was taken down a very welcoming wormhole of strains that fit my description of tasty buds. They also receive bonus points for having some of the best and most enticing strain photos I have seen. 

Seed Quality (5.0/5.0):

As far as quality goes, house-bred seed banks like Paradise Seeds always set the industry standard, as the quality control teams are with the product every step of the way. They are known to be very picky about which seeds make the metaphorical sales floor, and though pickiness adds to costs a little bit, the money they save on shipping and purchasing seeds from other growers makes up for it, and then some. 

By all review accounts, including those of sources like High Times, Paradise Seeds continues to do good by their word of producing potent strains. They are constantly cultivating new ideas, and their purest passion is not selling seeds (even though they’re good at it), it is making new strains that will hit you in whatever manner you like to be hit. 

If you choose not to take our word for it, the 25+ Cups that Paradise Seeds strains have one since their inception is a good second opinion.

Paradise-Seeds.com Customer Service (4.0/5.0):

By most internet accounts, and personal experience, getting ahold of someone at Paradise Seeds is just as easy as shopping for seeds on their website. There are multiple channels customers can take to voice comments and complaints, including phone, email, chat and even in person if you happen to be near Amsterdam. In addition to steady communication via their own customer service channels, Paradise Seeds also stays very active on social media and in the 420 event scene, always getting their name out there and often helping a lot of growers with their harvest with advice, even if the seeds may not be purchased through Paradise Seeds. 

The website is also extremely helpful, with acres of information regarding grow habits for each strain, and even full grow reports based on climate and physical location. The search tool for seed types is very customer friendly, too. They say in their intro that they try to breed strains for every person’s weed palate, and the search function adds some weight to that claim. 

Shipping With Paradise-Seeds.com (3.0/5.0):

Within Europe, shipping processes are better than most competitors also shipping from within the continent. They offer regular mail for 5 Euro, and registered mail for 10 Euro, the latter including guaranteed delivery no matter what may happen to your package. Within Europe, deliveries take about 4 days. 

For people outside of Europe, the odds of Paradise Seeds delivering to your country are quite low, and even if they do, shipping is 15 Euro for non-guaranteed delivery. Though the seeds are certainly one-of-a-kind and are deserving of the praise that their final product produces, if you don’t live in Europe, it’s best to look elsewhere for seeds.  

If you’re looking for seed banks that ship to USA, then check out our giant Best Seed Bank guide or take a look directly at ILoveGrowingMarijuan.com or Seedsman.com.

Pricing (4.0/5.0):

Prices are very good, especially considering the reputation Paradise Seeds has in regard to their germination percentages. At roughly 10 Euro per seed for feminized seeds, and a low shipping price tag, these seeds are very much a value. You can save yourself a little money buy buying in larger quantities (32 Euro for 3, 50 Euro for 5, 90 Euro for 10, as an example), but you’re still getting a great deal on top-notch seeds if you reach for a three pack. Paradise Seeds also offers autoflowering strains and CBD strains, each of which carry similar price tags. 

Promotions and Discounts (4.0/5.0):

Though promotions and sales aren’t plentiful, the ones Paradise Seeds do offer are pretty darn good, albeit mighty random. For the month of May, for instance, Any of their autoflowering seeds are buy 2, get 1 free, saving users some serious coin. 

They also offer some fun 3-pack variety packs, so be sure to take a look at those if you don’t have a set strain in your mind. 

Final Thoughts on Paradise-Seeds.com

Paradise Seeds checks all the boxes (for folks in Europe, anyway) you need to check to be considered a great seed bank. They start with what’s most important, and that’s a will to make the most potent strains on Earth, and they team that up with expert advice, fast and friendly customer service, competitive prices, and a website that’s very east to use and very informative. 

As someone in the United States, I’m really bummed these guys don’t ship our way, as the website is easy to use, the strains all look amazing, and by the accounts of everyone who has tried them, they are super tasty and super potent. If I lived in Europe, I’m fairly certain Paradise Seeds would be a go-to, as I’m a nerd for history (oldest seed bank in Amsterdam, credited for being part of Amsterdam’s reputation), and appreciator of science (Founder has been a weed geneticist since the early 80s) and a lover of dank buds (their strains win awards every year for potency).  



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