May 12, 2020

Nirvana Seeds Review – 2021

  • Website –
  • Email – support@nirvanashop
  • Phone Number – +31 88 647 8262
  • Location – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Top Sellers – Northern Light, Wonder Woman, Zkittlez, Gelato

Introduction To Nirvana Seeds: 

Amsterdam-based Nirvana Marijuana Seeds is an online seed company with a big menu and low prices. All seeds are bred in-house, ensuring an extra level of quality. They have a full menu of regular, autoflowering, CBD, and feminized versions of all of them. 

Weekly specials are aplenty, and they offer a germination kits (only $11), nutrients, grow bags, propagators, and combo packages of all of the above. The website is easy to navigate, and customer support is easy to find and offered via web-based tickets, email, or telephone. In addition to the kits for purchase, Nirvana also offers a bunch of tips and tricks for each stage of the growing process to ensure the highest possible yield for the seeds they ship out. 

The offer deals for using wire transfers and cryptocurrency, and have been known to be very generous with their extra seed amounts. As a bonus, they also have hemp wines and hemp beers and are known for pushing the industry standards and successfully experimenting with many different marijuana products. 

Nirvana Seeds History:

The founder of Nirvana seeds, Mau, was a long-time employee of Amsterdam seed bank Positronics since the 80s, and branched off with Nirvana Seeds in 1995. Long before opening up the online bank, Mau spent almost a decade finding new seeds, and growing, and trying out the new strains he grew. HE began crossbreeding and experimenting with his own plants and has created many hybrid strains, some of which are top sellers from the bank. 

Nowadays, they continue to crossbreed and create new strains, and all of the seeds they sell are cultivated in-house, so they don’t actually refer to themselves as a seed bank, just a marijuana seed creation and sales operation. 

Nirvana Seeds Reputation:

Highly touted as kings of crossbreeding for many years, their reputation for great products is earned in their labs and experiments. The good reputation extends far beyond products, though, and they are also touted for offering great prices and extra seeds with their orders. In Amsterdam, Nirvana has been a staple for a quarter century, and it’s not rare to hear a story from someone saying they got their first grow supplies from Nirvana Seeds. 

With the abundant grow resources available on their website, it’s also very apparent that they want their customers succeed, and are at the top of many people’s list of seed suppliers to check out for beginners. 

On review website, Nirvana Seeds has a very impressive 92% “excellent” rating, which is the highest rating offered. Common points of praise include their packaging discretion, the quick and professional customer service offered, high germination rates, and a lot of “been using them for years” types of comments. 

The few-and-far between negative comments were regarding issues with payment methods, so be sure to take your time to follow their steps for purchasing. Seed Selection (3.5/5.0):

They don’t have an enormous menu, but they do harvest all of their own seeds, making them able to keep prices down, and they still have plenty of seed options in all the major categories: autoflowering seeds, regular, feminized, indoor, outdoor, and CBD. Currently they have about 75 strains for sale, some being duplicates (e.g., Amnesia Haze autoflower and Amnesia Haze feminized). 

Searching is pretty easy, and they offer many different categories if you have a certain type of seed in mind:

  • Feminized Seeds
  • Autoflowering Seeds
  • Regular Seeds
  • Beginner Seeds
  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • High THC Seeds
  • High CBD Seeds
  • Hybrid
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • High Yielding Seeds
  • Fast Flowering Seeds
  • Low Odor Strains (haven’t seen this one before)

Descriptions of each strain include genetics and parent strains (remember, all seeds are cultivated in-house), characteristcs of the plant, characteristics of the high, and tips on how to maximize growth potential, as well as these cool charts:

One of my favorite parts of their selection is the amount of options you have regarding quantity. Nirvana Seeds offers 5-seed increments for most of their strains, selling anywhere from 5-50, with each 5-seed upgrading saving you a little bit. And they are also revered for always tossing in a few extras. 

NirvanaSeeds Seed Quality (5.0/5.0):

There are two great things that come with cultivating your own seeds, rather than buying from multiple seed selling business and distributing as a seed bank. The first is the ability to keep costs down, so customers at Nirvana Seeds shouldn’t think they are getting low-quality seeds just because prices are low. The middle man is cut out, and the customer gets to reap the benefits with their wallet. 

The second great part is a guarantee of equal quality across the board, as all the seeds come from the same place, a place that is touted as producing great seeds that have a very high rate of germination. 

They sell to many big-time seed distributors, and all of the feedback on their seed quality is good.

Nirvana Seeds Customer Service (5.0/5.0):

They do, indeed offer great customer service via email and phone, but if you’re someone who likes to minimize human contact, as a lot of marijuana users are, be sure to check out their FAQ section, as it is very robust and will most likely get you the answers you’re looking for.

As far as the aforementioned options of email and phone, a high percentage of reviewers online shared that their experiences were fast and professional. It’s very easy to find the customer support options for Nirvana Seeds, as they are listed at the bottom of every page on the website. 

A few quotes from reviews regarding customer service:

“Customer Service is exceptionally wonderful and everyone there truly tries to promote the best customer service experience possible.”  ~ Michael

“Top seeds, good prices, good advice and great service.” ~Aiden

Nirvana Seeds Shipping (4.5/5.0):

In addition to the high praise regarding customer service, the shipping department gets a lot of love on the internet forums as well. Already popular for their low prices, the shipping is FREE across the globe for seeds (grow kits have a small shipping fee). They do not offer product tracking, but defend it as a means to limit customs issues, and it has apparently been successful.  

They are very straightforward with their shipping times, and it generally takes 2 days within the Netherlands, 2 weeks to other parts of Europe (but give them 3), 2-4 weeks to the United States, and 3-4 weeks to the rest of the world. No shipping fees anywhere. 

They have their own custom shipping containers that everyone online seems to agree is very discreet, and most orders fit in an envelope, with grow kits and large orders coming in small boxes. They also recently started using complex delivery routes to countries who were experiencing failed deliveries, and they claim to have had great success at the small price of waiting a few more days for an order. 

Nirvana Seeds Pricing (4.5/5.0):

Considering the free shipping, drogues of information available online, low number of website advertisements making for easy shopping, and stellar customer service, you’d have to think costs would be a bit higher… but they are not. Regularly priced products still fall well below the industry median, and at any given time many strains are 20-25% off. Keeping the cultivation and research in-house also helps keep consumer prices down. 

Feminized seeds are mostly between $30 and $35 for a pack of 5 seeds. Buying in bulk doesn’t do you much good at Nirvana Seeds, but that gives growers the options of trying many different seeds in one order. Autoflowering seeds are roughly the same price as feminized ones, and regular seeds (thought not many offered) are $15 for 5 seeds for the majority of the strains, with a few being $20 for 5. 

Promotions and Discounts (4.0/5.0):

The opening banner on the website shows the major discounts being offered, and when this was written, that was 25% off USA Strains, which included Mango Kush, Zkittlez, Original Glue, and Gelato. With prices as low as they are, huge sales can’t be expected, but at any given time your favorite strain could be on sale, so check back frequently, and hit the sale page first each time you visit. 

Final Thoughts on Nirvana Seeds (

With a long history, a rich reputation for quality genetics and grow processes, solid customer service that responds quickly, free and discreet shipping, and fantastic prices, Nirvana Seeds is a top-notch service for buying your next batch of seeds. 

Wholesale purchasers may not like the fact that large orders don’t really save you any money, but the fact that prices are so low in the first place could mean you’re still getting a deal compared to a bank that may offer a discount to large-sale buyers. I would recommend Nirvana Seeds to growers of all levels, and especially beginners, as all of their seeds are touted as being easy to grow, their customer service is readily available, and they have a huge library of information to make sure your first grow process goes swimmingly.

If you’ve enjoyed this review, then ensure you check out our other reviews on ILGM,, True North Seed Bank, and Royal Queen Seeds!

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