April 2, 2020

MSNL Seeds Review – Marijuana-Seeds.NL

Introducing MSNL Seeds:

Launching in 1999, MSNL seed bank has maintained a solid reputation in the seed bank business for more than two decades. Known by many as “The Original Seedbank,” MSNL offers good prices and deals, “stealthy shipping” to many countries, and always tosses in a few extra cannabis seeds to each order to keep customers happy and keep gardens full. 

The cannabis seed bank caters to both novice growers and large-scale operations, and has a very friendly vibe, overall. These hobbyists-turned-renowned seedbank operators look to “empower their customers” by providing detailed grow guides to those who need them, and by providing quick and easy ordering for those who do not. At many different areas of the website, the MSNL gang mentions the pride they take in their customer satisfaction, and it certainly seems genuine. 

This MSNL Seeds review will detail MSNL’s history and reputation, as well as the products they offer, some fan favorites, and our takeaways regarding the shopping experience. 

MSNL History:

Two pals, Ben and Christian, fancied themselves some marijuana and also liked to travel throughout Europe and Australia, trying as many strains as the locals at any given place had to offer. Realizing quickly that their love for cannabis was more than a temporary affinity, and they decided to look at angles to get into the cannabis seed bank business.

Learning quickly that the cannabis seed bank industry was more than flowers and hash, they started digging into the science end of the game and decided to start creating new strains and selling the marijuana seeds. In their first three years as professionals, Ben and Christian had created more than 40 different strains, and many of them are still in circulation, and they pride themselves on creating high-THC, high-yield plants to get growers as much bang for their buck as possible. Some of their creations have become household names in the growing business, such as Whit Widow Max, White LSD, and THC Snow. 

They found a niche that needed filled by a new seed bank, and focused on producing cannabis seeds more than flowers, so they could introduce their products to growers abound, and 21 years later, the “original online seedbank” is continuing to grow great marijuana seeds, and continuing to grow as a company. 

MSNL Reputation:

All across the internet, and based upon our own experience, the general feel towards MSNL’s cannabis seed bank operation is “great marijuana seeds and great service.” A few recent complaints here and there, but mostly on delivery times, and this is sometimes out of the hands of the seedbanks, especially given the current situation with limitations being put in place for the coronavirus. 

Many repeat reviews praise the seed bank discretion on delivery, and overall customer service. Customers also love the gesture of MSNL always tossing in a few extra seeds, though they are also known for having a very high rate of germination, so the extra marijuana seeds are truly “extra” and not just there to soften the blow if some don’t bloom. 

Here is a breakdown of more than 1,400 reviews at Trustpilot, with 3/4ths being “excellent,” and the large majority of “bad” ratings pertaining to long delivery times.

With 20 years behind them and a lot of happy customers, it’s no surprise that MSNL’s reputation is strong and will most likely continue to be. 

MSNL Seed Selection (4.0/5.0):

MSNL seed bank has a wide, wide array of seeds, and also sells some value packs that mix and match some customer favorites. They have a comparable list of feminized seeds, auto flowering seeds, and strains that yield high levels of CBD. They also have an easy-to-separate menu, where users can narrow their searches to look for only kush strains, only feminized strains, autoflowering, CBD, high-yield, or high THC strains. This makes the entire marijuana order process extremely easy and smooth!

In addition to all of your favorites like Gorilla Glue, Girls Scout Cookies, Hindu Kush, and White Widow, MSNL is legitimately revered for the strains they produce themselves, as well. Some of the most popular creations they have come up with include THC Bomb, White LSD, and Thai Stick. As a bonus to the vast selection, MSNL is revered for always adding extra seeds to your order to ensure plenty of plants to enjoy or otherwise utilize. 

For more information on the aforementioned value packs, check out the promotions and discounts section below!

MSNL Seed Quality (4.0/5.0):

One of the founders (the website delivered a nice intrigue bomb here, as it does not mention if it’s Ben or Christian) of MSNL seed bank was a geneticist before deciding to get into the cannabis, but has since added another 20 years to his craft, and MSNL’s seeds are top notch by all accounts. The fellas pride themselves on quality control, and with their two decades of experience, the quality is controlled quite well. 

They utilize modern testing processes to ensure each seed that leaves the bank is up to their standards and ready to bloom into a high-THC, high-yield plant. Their proven intuition (see “seed selection”) mixed with extensive research, and a will to keep creating new things have been primary reasons for the seeds shipped from MSNL being revered everywhere as fantastic and reliable. 

Additionally, the extra seeds that MSNL guarantees, adds an extra layer of “quality,” because even if a couple don’t germinate, the backups ensure you’re getting at least what you paid for, if not more. 

MSNL (Marijuana Seeds.NL) Customer Service (5.0/5.0)

As the only negative reviews in existence for MSNL seed bank pertain to delivery issues, it’s hard not to give them a perfect rating for customer service. Their website is user friendly and informative, and they are extremely polite when contacted directly for service. One of their core goals is to “Empower the Marijuana Smoker,” and they aim to do so by providing extra information on their strains and tips on how to best utilize each strain. From beginners to experts, everyone can find something on MSNL’s website to enlarge their cannabis growing prowess. 

They also describe themselves as “normal, honest people” and it seems the folks hired fit the same mold, as all of the communication is conversational and easy to digest. The extra seeds that they offer are icing on the customer service cake, and they just really seem to care about ensuring a top-notch product is delivered to each and every person who orders from their website. 

MSNL (Marijuana Seeds.nl) Shipping (4.0/5.0)

MSNL is a quality organization with quality products and fair prices… if forced to make a negative comment about them, it would have to be word of mouth, as all of our experiences were smooth and enjoyable. According to a select few online accounts, deliver has taken a while, but most customers are more than satisfied with all parts of MSNL’s offerings, including shipping time and delivery.

They pride themselves on quick discretionary practices and guaranteed stealth shipping, and they not only deliver stealthy boxes, but also ensure their customers’ identities are masked during the billing processes as well. European orders generally take less than a week, and international orders ship in 6-12 days, but MSNL asks customers to wait 25 working days before requesting a replacement. Overall their shipping time has been pretty reasonable from my experience.

The offer three levels of shipping, each with a couple added layers of security, and none very expensive. For about 6 bucks (U.S.), customers can select standard shipping which includes a crush-proof container and an unmarked envelope. For about 12 dollars, users can choose guaranteed stealth shipping, in which seeds are hidden in unrelated items (which account for the added cost). This is a better option for shipping to places where legalities are a bit wishy washy. Their third option, for about 18 dollars is called “guaranteed stealth shipping” that includes the same secretive packaging as the stealth shipping option, but is also 100% guaranteed even if the package never arrives to the customer nor is returned to MSNL. The guaranteed stealth option also includes a tracking number for all orders, regardless of the size, where the standard and stealth options also get a tracking number if the total price is more than 75 Euro (about $80 U.S.). 

MSNL also has tiers for free shipping, depending on how much you spend. Prices here in Euros, but the U.S dollar is very close ($1.08 dollars = 1 Euro). At 55 Euro, standard shipping is free, at 100 Euro, stealth shipping is free, and at 250 Euro, all shipping is free, including guaranteed! Overall I’ve been pretty happy with the overall shipping experience and shipping time.

MSNL Pricing (4.5/5.0)

Prices on MSNL (Marijuana Seeds.NL) are more than comparable to the competition, and every delivery includes extra seeds. The only reason MSNL didn’t nab a full 5 out of 5 is because 10 seeds is the smallest amount for a lot of strains, but the price of 10 seeds is close to the price of 5 on a lot of other mediums, plus you always get the extra! I’d definitely recommend getting an order on MSNL because their pricing is very solid!

Regular seeds are between $40 and $55 for 10. Most feminized seeds run between $90-100 for 10, and incrementally decrease in price, as the quantity increases (100 seeds for $633). Autoflowering feminized seeds are about $10 more per 10 seeds, and CBD strain prices are very comparable to the prices of the regular seeds. Shipping is affordable and does not increase with order size (in fact, it decreases… see our shipping section above).

Wholesale pricing is an option for almost all seeds as well, offering big discounts for big purchases. As an example, 300 autoflowering, feminized seeds of Gorilla Glue is less than $1,000, plus the amount of extras in an order that large means big savings and big yields. 

Promotions and Discounts (4.0/5.0)

Pricing is already pretty stellar over at MSNL, but they also find other ways to save their valuable customers some extra green when they’re buying green. Be sure to check out the sale tab on the website, as at any given time, more than 30 strains can be on sale. 

As this review was written shortly after 420, a few lingering sales from that fine event exist as well, and included $20 store credit for every $100 spent (and this year the deals were offered the whole month because of the year 2020). Some other holiday deals included 35% off certain strains, and some bonus seeds. Seasonal specials seem to be aplenty, so be sure to take your time and find a great deal. 

Their value packs are offered year-round (though they do change), and offer discounts for a mixed bag of seeds such as “super strong,” “fruity,” and “budget” packs. 

MSNL also offers a 15% discount for all Bitcoin orders and has a rewards program that gives customers points-per-purchase, and the points can be used to chop off some dollars once enough are accumulated. 

Final Thoughts on MSNL Seeds Review

With high quality, low prices, and an overall feel that the folks at MSNL just want happy customers they can retain, MSNL is a great option for anyone looking to grow some cannabis. Their wholesale pricing is way below the market median, thus making MSNL very highly recommended for anyone looking to make a large purchase. 

With more than 20 years of existence, a history of genetics, and a tried-and-true dedication to quality seeds, fast shipping time and quality customer service, MSNL is a top-notch seedbank, for sure. 

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