February 25, 2022

3 Cannabis Low Humidity Leaf Curl Fixes

Are you in the middle of your cannabis grow and you begin to notice that your plants are beginning to curl and form a claw? Cannabis leaves curling is a bad sign and it generally means that the plant is in trouble. Unfortunately, there are multiple causes of this behavior so it can make it difficult to identify what the actual issue is. That being said, the majority of these issues are caused by low humidity levels. In this guide, we’ll be talking about low humidity leaf curl fixes and how to heal your grow from low humidity!

low humidity leaf curl

Optimal Humidity Levels For A Cannabis Grow:

Whether you’re growing cannabis indoors or outdoors you want to aim for a humidity level between 35%-50%.

You can experience leaf curl if you have too low of humidity. If you’re growing indoors or in a closet, and you have a humidity level of around 20%, then that will be too low of a humidity level.

How To Fix Low Humidity Leaf Curl:

The first thing you need to do to correct leaf curl caused by too low of humidity level is to understand what your current humidity level is.

Purchase a humidity gauge and begin to measure the humidity in the area that you’re growing.

If your humidity is below 20% then you’ll need to introduce additional humidity into the area. You can do this by purchasing a humidifier, increasing airflow or increasing the temperature in the room. Marijuana plants need at least a little humidity to properly grow, and if you don’t hit the right levels then your plants will struggle.

Check out our other reasons for cannabis leaf curl!

What Causes Low Humidity Leaf Curl?

Cannabis plants are looking for all the elements that provide them with a healthy and high-yielding harvest. This means they need and want sunlight, nutrients, water, and proper humidity levels to survive and thrive.

When the plants aren’t obtaining one of these elements they’ll do their best to survive without it, and it forces them to try to adapt to survive.

A lot of this adaption comes in the form of leaves curling or clawing. As the leaves curl they are struggling to retain humidity and moisture and attempt to curl to keep as much moisture as possible.

So when you see your cannabis leaves curling it generally means they are in trouble, and in this case they are battling with low humidity.

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