April 1, 2020

ILGM Review (IloveGrowingMarijuana.com) – Is ILGM Reliable?

This post has been updated January 24th 2021: This ILGM seed bank review will be covering all aspects of blog-turned online seed bank, I Love Growing Marijuana (aka ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com). It will dig into a little bit of the history of the Amsterdam-based seed bank, and a lot of what they have to offer customers. As far as the actual products, in this ILGM review, we’ll will take a close look at seed selection, quality, and favorite strains, and will also discuss the seed bank as a whole as it relates to customer service, shipping discretion and locales, and prices compared to seed banks with similar product offerings. Our thoughts are based off of our own experiences as well as other ILGM reviews.

Having started as just a blog by owner/operator Robert Bergman, weed information is aplenty on the site, and we’ve picked out the best of the best to share with you in this review. 

History of I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM):

In his own words, founder Robert Bergman says, “Since 2012, I’ve been writing about marijuana, but I’ve been growing it a lot longer than that.” Bergman started growing near Amsterdam, Netherlands in the mid-nineties, perfecting his craft with small-batch home grows. His love for the growing game left him wanting more, and he moved on to industrial-sized grows and also experimented a lot with lab breeding of different strains (more on that in our Seed Selection section). 

After stepping away from the industrial grow operations, he wanted to continue having at least a foot in the proverbial door of the marijuana industry and launched his blog “ILGM” which stands for (you guessed it) I Love Growing Marijuana. 

As a blog, the website’s popularity grew quite rapidly as a trusted source for news and tips on growing cannabis plants. Bergman noticed a trend in his inquiries, and that was, “All this info is great, but where do I get good cannabis seeds!?” Bergman and his ILGM team decided to take a logical step in the growth of their website and partnered with some growers to ultimately become what it is today: A site ripe with information that sells hundreds of varieties of marijuana seeds. In any ILGM reviews you might read, their history will never be in question.

ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com Reputation:

As a blog in the early 2000s, ILGM quickly became a trusted source for information from both home growers and professionals. Since expanding to offer seed sales, ILGM has kept the same consumer satisfaction ratings, and below is a graph from resellerratings.com with 97% of 147 reviewers giving it 5 stars over the last six months. As you can see, ILGM reviews overall are extremely positive.

Taking a quick look around the website, and these ratings are not much of a surprise, as the amount of information for each strain is top-notch, and the seed offerings are very customer-oriented as well. They also guarantee their products “From Shipping to Germination,” and who doesn’t like a germination guarantee for their marijuana seeds!?

In addition to a long list of strains available for purchase, ILGM also has a “Beginner” tab so first time growers can ensure they are getting a batch of cannabis seeds that’s a little more forgiving if some mistakes are made in the grow process. They also offer full grow kits, that come with marijuana seeds, fertilizer and plant protectors, setting up customers for a successful career in home-growing. 

With all of the customer-oriented information and just an overall friendly vibe of a website, it’s no surprise that ILGM has a very solid reputation in the seed business and nearly all customer reviews will back this up.

ILGM Seed Selection (4.0/5.0):

As most bands do, ILGM offers a few different types of marijuana seeds (not to be confused with strains, of which they have many). They offer autoflowering, feminized, autoflowering-feminized, and fast flowering ILGM seeds, each with many different strain options. In addition, and not something that is shared by all banks, they also have a “beginner seed” section, for folks who are new to the growing game. These cannabis seeds are typically revered as being up to the task of withstanding a few mistakes in the growing process and still producing tasty buds to smoke.

Each of the hundreds of strains has a full webpage dedicated to strain information and includes a quick reference sheet like this one:

Some top sellers on ILGM are Gorilla Glue, GSG (Girl Scout Cookies), Granddaddy Purp, Gelato, Bergman’s Gold Leaf, and Blue Dream, and they offer a lot of deals on their top sellers, so be sure to check out our “Promotions and Discounts” section below. 

ILGM Feminized Cannabis Seeds:

ILGM has a pretty large seed selection and they offer a section dedicated to feminized cannabis seeds. Of these feminized seeds their best selling feminized seeds include:

If you are looking for the ability to differentiate between male and female plants yourself, then ILGM does offer regular strains, but I wouldn’t recommend these unless you’re an advanced grower!

ILGM Autoflower Cannabis Seeds:

Autoflowering seeds are great for beginners and advanced growers alike because they are extremely low-maintenance and you don’t need to get everything 100% spot on for them to grow. Although these high quality seeds are generally slightly smaller, it’s worth it because they grow without as much worrying involved. ILGM breaks down their website which allows you to view their auto flower selection, and here are some of their best sellers:

You can’t go wrong with any of these ILGM seeds, with my personal favorite being the white widow!

ILGM Best Selling Seeds:

As mentioned above, the overall quality of ILGM seeds is very high, but if you want to make sure you really choose the right seeds, then take a look at some of their best selling ILGM seeds!:

ILGM Seed Mix Packs

If you’re looking to save money and also get an array of different strains, then there’s no better way than purchasing Mix Packs from ILGM seed bank. Most seed banks don’t offer many mix packs, but ILGM isn’t like most seed banks. These mix packs are a collection of different seed strains built usually with a common theme around them, and these packs can save you up to 50% compared to buying each strain individually.

ILGM offers over 30 different seed mix packs, so I’m sure you’re find something that’ll interest you! I find these packs are a great way to try out some new strains you might have never considered before, and you could easily find a new favorite! Below are some of my favorites, and the most popular packs!:

To ensure you have everything you need to start growing, they also selling nutrients and plant protector!

ILGM Seed Quality (5.0/5.0):

By all internet accounts, and personal experience, ILGM seeds are better-than-comparable when it comes to producing high-yield, high-quality marijuana plants. More importantly, even, is the fact that they guarantee their ILGM seeds from “shipping to germination” and if something doesn’t sprout, they will replace or reimburse you, pretty much no questions asked. If you fail miserably on the growing end, that’s a different story, but with their abundance of how-to information, beginner growing kits, and 24/7 grow support, you’d almost have to be trying to fail to not set up your seeds for germination. If steps are followed, and they still don’t flower, however, you’ll have more ILGM seeds on the way in no time. 

It’s tough to not give a 5/5 to a seed bank that guarantees every seed! And from a professional with 25 years of experience like Robert Bergman, you have nothing to worry about, these are all very high quality seeds!

ILGM Customer Service (5.0/5.0):

If this ILoveGrowingMarijuana review tells you anything, it should be that customer service is king. Everything about this website screams, “We’re here to please,” and consumer feedback and reviews on third-party customer review websites reflects that customers were, indeed, pleased by all ILGM has to offer. In the site’s “Why Choose ILGM Marijuana Seed Bank?” section, the site lists four things that they believe makes them a great place to shop, and we agree with these reasons… and have a few of our own. 

From the site: Free Shipping, Guaranteed Delivery, Guaranteed Germination, and 24/7 Expert Grow support are what they consider the top reasons to shop ILGM, and those are certainly great reasons, but some other banks do offer the same. In our experience with ILGM, the amount of marijuana knowledge listed throughout the website is so deep, informative, and easy to digest, that it would just be hard to imagine Bergman and his team being anything less than fully dedicated to giving customers as top-shelf growing experience with some top-shelf buds. In every review of ILGM you read, you’re definitely going to hear glowing reviews about their customer service. If you’re a marijuana grower, excellent customer service is going to be music to ears since it’s not a common theme for a cannabis company.

Germination Guarantee and Returns:

ILGM offers such a confidence in their seeds and products that they offer a very solid germination guarantee. They offer a six step process for you to help initiate the germination process, and if this doesn’t work and nothing starts sprouting, then simply contact ILGM, and they’ll get you an order of replacement seeds for no additional cost sent to you ASAP!

If you’ve followed these steps and you don’t get germination with your seeds, then have no fear, ILGM has your back!

If you do get germination but for whatever reason your plants die or don’t produce, then I still recommend contacting ILGM. Their experts will help you narrow down what has caused your crops to fail, and they’ll most likely even offer you a sweet discount code for your next purchase.

Furthermore, if your order arrives to you damaged (very unlikely), then all you have to do is send a picture to ILGM, and they’ll quickly get you a new order sent to you! Overall their customer service ensures your marijuana seeds get there safe and sound, and they really are a trust worthy seed bank!

ILGM Shipping (5.0/5.0):

Based in Amsterdam, one may think shipping to the U.S. would add some dollars to your purchase. Nope! ILGM offers free delivery to the U.S. and UK and though their website lists prices in U.S. currency, they also have an exchange rate calculator, just further adding to the great customer service. They also ship to Australia and New Zealand, but some fees apply.  That being said if you’re from Australia and New Zealand, their fees are much lower than other seed banks!

The average time for an online seed order to be shipped out is 2 days, and the average shipping time to the U.S. is 4 days, though some orders may take up to 10. Even 10 days is pretty quick compared to other players in the industry (even stateside). 

If you have anxiety and you do choose to pay a few dollars for registered shipping, your order will be tracked, and ILGM recommends making an account on the website, as more shipping options are available for account holders. 

They don’t have much listed on the website as far as discretion practices, just a confident “We have been shipping seeds across the globe for years and have found the best way… There won’t be any reference on your packages.”  Good enough for me.

In addition to their marijuana seeds germination guarantee, they also guarantee delivery no matter what and reship entire orders free of charge. Their only stipulation (which seems pretty fair) is that they wait 25 days to ensure nothing got mishandled by the shipping services, resulting in a double order. In pretty much any of the ILGM reviews your read, their free shipping is going to be a main talking point!

ILGM Pricing (4.0/5.0):

ILGM Seed Bank seed prices for small batches (5 seeds) of autoflowering marijuana seeds are around $80, but it’s encouraged to take advantage of their guarantee. If something doesn’t sprout, get it replaced for free. Feminized seeds are mostly $90-$110 for 5, and CBD plants run about the same. 

For banks who do not offer the same guarantee, prices tend to be $15 or so lower, but if only 3 of the 5 sprout (which is not a rare occurrence) your only options for the other two are juggling and playing catch, whereas ILGM will replace them. 

Pricing for 10 seeds, opposed to 5 is only $30 more for the majority of strains, and the same guarantee comes along with whatever the amount ordered is, so buying in bulk is definitely a good way to save a few dollars and get you some free seeds. That being said, these are extremely high quality seeds, so the price is beyond worth it. See our next section for a few other ways to get free seeds!

ILGM Promotions and Discounts (4.0/5.0):

A lot of their strains are considered “best sellers,” and if you jump on quickly, you might even get the tail end of their “buy 10 get 10 free seeds” 420 special, but even if you miss it, deals are aplenty at ILGM, so be sure to peruse. 

At any given time, many strains are still offered at the buy 10, get 10 free seeds discount, and they often offer discounts on some of their many “mixpacks,” which contain a few different strains of seeds (e.g. The “Heavy Hitters Mixpack” has Gorilla Glue seeds, Blue Dream, and MK Ultra). 

Purchasing a full grow kit from I Love Growing Marijuana is also a way to save a few dollars on fertilizer and protective equipment for your plants.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a ILGM Discount Code, then you’re in luck! ILGM is constantly offering additional ways to save money, and get you a discount on some seeds. Click here for some awesome discount codes to save you some cash on your next purchase!

ILGM Payment Methods:

When you’re looking for quality seeds, you need to ensure that they offer the payment options that works best for you. ILGM does a solid job of giving you some flexibility in terms of payments options. ILGM offers payment via bank transfer, credit card, Bitcoin and cash. 

How to Pay For Your ILGM Seeds:

Overall ILGM makes it extremely easy to purchase their seeds. They offer a handful of different payment methods, and their website is extremely easy to use. Along with this, they offer quite a few different sales and discounts, so definitely keep your eye out.

Payment Methods:

  • Bitcoin – If you have bitcoin, then this will be your best option! They offer an extra 10% off your entire order if you purchase with bitcoin. Note: They only accept Bitcoin, they don’t accept Bitcoin-cash or any other cryptocurrency.
  • Bank Transfer – ILGM also offers payment via online bank transfer using “Bill Pay”, ACH or even wire transfer. Depending on your banking situation this can be a relatively simple and safe option.
  • Cash or Check – ILGM offers payment via cash which you would mail in to their headquarters. They have reported that no payments have been lost in the post, so this seems like a solid payment option.
  • Credit Card – There is the option to pay with Credit Card as well. This is a great option if your payment will go through. That being said, there are reports of peoples credit card companies and banks declining payments because it’s out of country and it’s related to cannabis. That being said, if you call your bank and tell them to expect an out of country payment, there’s a good chance the order will go through.

If you are looking to pay with strictly PayPal, then I’d suggest our guide for buying seeds online with PayPal.

ILGM Growing Resources:

ILoveGrowingMarijuana is the ultimate growing resource and the ultimate seed supplier. Their entire website is just jam-packed with resources for cannabis growers. They offer an entire blog with 500+ posts that tackle answers and guides about all sorts of cannabis growing issues and topics.

Along with this, they also offer an entirely free downloadable e-book that is one of the best full resources on growing cannabis called the “Marijuana Grow Bible”. This ebook offers a step by step grow guide as well as individual guides for growing in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Furthermore, it also features a cannabis strain database which allows you to identify a strain that is perfect for you! ILGM also gives you a good bit of advice on plant protectors, grow kit and nutrients needed to grow some seeds from ILGM!

Final Thoughts on IloveGrowingMarijuana com Reviews

I Love Growing Marijuana is a top-notch seed bank, and the main reason is the fact that it stemmed from a weed-lover blog, thus the information available is fantastic. Each and every strain has an entire page of information including plant type, plant size, ideal climates for growth, expected yield, strain origins and lineage, growing tips for the given strain, germination instructions, tastes and smells, and recommended ways to consume the final product. 

They take this same amount of care and attention to detail regarding their customer services, and I would very highly recommend this seed bank for any and all levels of growers, especially beginners. If you’re already an expert on all things growing, I can see the plethora of information being a bit annoying to navigate (though the “buy now” buttons are always above the descriptions), but for folks who want to learn while they shop, and have 24/7 customer support, this is the place to go, for sure. Shipping is free, discreet, and very fast, they accept quite a few payment methods and given the germination guarantee (every single seed), prices are fair as well. 

ILGM and Robert Bergman promotes quality at every turn, from strains to seeds to website usage, and most importantly with customer service, making it an industry standard for seed purchasing and grower knowledge.  In our or any other ILGM reviews you read, you should know that this seed bank really does have your back, and has your best interest at heart. They are extremely easy to work with and really look out for their customers, so if you’re on the fence, definitely give them a shot, and you won’t be disappointed with ILGM seeds!

Thanks for reading our review, if you have any questions or need suggestions on strains, then please leave a comment below!

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