March 23, 2021

How To Use Rapid Rooters Plugs To Germinate Cannabis Seeds

If you’re looking for the ultimate way to germinate your cannabis seeds then look no further! I traditionally used the paper towel method which I’ve had great success with, but if you’re looking for a 3rd party product to give you the best germination rate possible, then I’d suggest you take a look at Rapid Rooter Plugs by General Hydroponics. They’re extremely easy to use, have a very high germination success rate, and can be used in quite a few different scenarios. In this guide you’ll learn how to use Rapid Rooters plugs to germinate your cannabis seeds before your grow.

how to use rapid rooters plugs to germinate cannabis seeds

How To Use Rapid Rooter Plugs to Germinate Your Seeds:

After you’ve opened the rapid rooters package, you’ll need to soak each of the plugs in distilled water to begin the process. I generally soak them for around 12 hours, but I’ve had success with shorter than that as well. After you’ve soaked your plugs, you can go ahead and place them into your grow tray.

Plant Your Seeds In The Plug:

Now that you’ve gotten the plugs soaked and set up in your growing tray, you can begin to plant your seeds into the hole in the center of your plug. I generally put around 2-3 seeds into each plug. By pairing up seeds, you actually give them a better chance of germination. From here I generally take a pinch of soil off the bottom of the plug and actually cover up the hole where I inserted the seed to ensure a dark environment for germination. This added darkness will help increase your germination ratio.

As seeds begin to germinate and grow, they should be able to push off that added cap and expose themselves to light. If you see any signs of the seeds not being able to find sunlight, then you can help them out and remove the added soil.

Fill Your Grow Tray With Water And Cover:

After you’ve planted your seeds, you can fill your grow tray with about a quarter inch of water and cover the entire tray to help keep a bunch of this moisture inside the tray. I’ve used Saran Wrap in the past with good success. From here, if you have low-intensity lighting, this will improve your germination rate by adding a little additional light as well as heat.

How To Know When Your Seedlings Are Done:

As the seeds germinate and turn into seedlings, you’ll need to know when they’re ready to be transplanted and the real growing can begin. Every day you’ll have to take a peak at the plugs and look for signs of the seeds roots to grow and break through the plug, this will generally mean that it’s ready for a bigger home.

When you begin noticing significant roots growing through, it’s time to transplant to a bigger environment!

Final Thoughts On Rapid Rooter Plugs:

Overall Rapid Rooter Plugs have served me well. I’d definitely start off by looking at our Germination Guide just so you understand the general process of germination, but you really can’t go wrong with these plugs! They make everything extremely easy and they will have a pretty high germination rate, which is definitely a plus since cannabis seeds aren’t cheap.

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