October 7, 2020

How to Quick Dry Weed – Drying Cannabis ASAP!

Are you in a time crunch and looking to dry your weed as soon as possible? Well have no fear, in this guide we’re going to walk you through a few different methods and myths on drying weed quickly!

How to Dry Cannabis The Right Way (1-2 Weeks):

If you have at 1-2 weeks to dry your weed, then the best method is to hang your buds in a dark room. I generally use an empty closet, and you want the temperature to be between 65 degrees F and 75 degrees F, which should work perfectly with a closet in your home.

Ensure your buds are trimmed, and hang them. I use my closets built in clothing racks to hang my cannabis, and ensure you keep the closet dark. I also recommend a small oscillating fan to help ensure that there is some type of air flow and the air doesn’t get too stagnant.

Every 24 hours, I would recommend turning or moving the buds to ensure they’re all drying evenly and the front row isn’t over drying. Ensure you check for any signs of mold.

You can tell the cannabis is dry enough for use when the flowers look a bit crispy and the branches have a slight snap to them when bent.

This process will usually take between 7 days and 15 days. Note, you’ll still have to cure after drying.

Fastest Way to Dry Weed?:

For one reason or another, you need your weed dried quickly, so what can you do? You don’t have time to wait at least a week for a more traditional method listed above, so what can you do?

I scoured the internet for methods to quick dry weed and how to dry buds without hanging, and some of them seems outrageous, so I knew I had to test!

Drying Weed in Oven – Myth #1

There’s a common myth in the cannabis community, that if you need to quickly dry weed that you can put it in the oven on a low temperature for a few hours. I’ve seen this myth pop up a few times on a few different cannabis forums, but never knew the answer myself, so I had to find out!

I took some notes from the forums and tried the experiment:

  1. Set oven to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Spread my trimmed bud on a cookie sheet
  3. Let them sit in the oven for about 8 minutes before taking them out to cool for a few minutes, then flipped bud.


What can I say. As far as I could see it did dry out the bud, which was the goal. I ended up smoking this bud and as far as I know it had similar effects. That being said, I do think it affected the overall flavor of the bud and felt a bit dull compared to bud of the same strain that I let dry normally.

Would I recommend It?:

Probably not. There’s so much that could go wrong with this, that I definitely wouldn’t recommend it unless you absolutely have to. Along with this, I do think it lowers the quality of the weed, so definitely take notice.

How to Dry Weed In Microwave – Myth #2:

The second myth I encountered was drying weed in your microwave. This one seemed even more farfetched than the oven, but I knew I had to test it out as well!

  1. Place buds on microwave safe plate, spread out.
  2. Turned microwave to 50% power.
  3. Microwaved bud for 8-12 seconds at a time.
  4. Let bud sit for a few minutes and then did another round of microwaving.
  5. Repeated for a today of 3 rounds.


Bud was definitely not 100% dry and ready. This might work to get you just over the tipping point if you have already been drying your weed, but definitlely isn’t a solution for completely drying.

Would I recommend it?:

No. Drying your weed in a microwave definitely isn’t a great solution, but MIGHT be able to get you out of a pinch.

Final Thoughts on Quick Drying Weed:

So as we’ve mentioned before, if you have the time you should always look to dry your weed naturally and let it hang for at least a week. That being said, there are some less conventional options available that might be able to help. I’ll continue to test other ways to quick dry weed and share my results here!

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