February 2, 2021

How To Grow Marijuana In A Cold Climate

When you think of growing marijuana you often think of the warm bright sun providing the nutrients and energy for cannabis plants to truly grow. Well if you’re located in a cold climate or even just occasionally get cold weather, it can be challenging to get grow marijuana outdoors.

That being said, if you follow some of our tips below and really take care of your grow, you can grow a healthy high yielding grow, no matter the climate! Marijuana is physically possible to grow in just about every climate and region on Earth, that being said if you live in a colder climate you’ll just have to take a few extra steps and precautions to take care of your plants!

Choose The Correct Type Of Cold Climate Strains:

If you want your grow to be successful and be able to survive the harsh cold climates then you’ll have to spend a bit of time researching and choosing a strain that is resilient to the cold and wind. If you’re looking for the best outdoor strains for Pacific Northwest, it will definitely be different than the best outdoor strains for Florida, because they’re completely different climates and the plants require different needs.

how to grow marijuana in a cold climate

Every cannabis strain has its own unique genetic makeup that will make it more suitable for specific climates. For example, Indica strains were originally found in more mountain type environments in Afghanistan where the weather got cold, so these strains are genetically more adept for these colder climates.

So if you’re looking for strain suggestions for colder climates, then Indica strains are usually a good choice. We also have posts specifically about the Best Strains For Maine, Best Outdoor Strains For New England, Best Strains To Grow In Massachusetts growing guides to help give you a good idea of strains!

Using Proper Equipment And Nutrients:

One of the biggest challenges with growing in cold climates is that your plant is faced with extreme weather constraints which means you really have to be near perfect in terms of proper nutrient consumption.

This means you have to provide your plants the proper base in terms of soil and fertilizer. And if you’re located in a windy environment then you’ll need to be sure that not too much of that top soil is being blown away and the plants are losing their nutrients.

Providing Cover From Wind Burn:

If you’re located in a cold environment there’s a good chance that you might have cold winds as well. Unfortunately cannabis plants don’t grow very well in wind because it can actually begin to burn their skin similar to what it can do to humans.

The constant abrasion caused by wind can weaken or even kill your plant, unless you take action. If you notice signs of wind burn, then you’ll need to put up a barrier the help break up the wind and provide your plants with a bit of relief from the wind. I like to put up a few posts and then cover them with a tarp to help stop the wind.

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