February 16, 2021

How To Buy and Pay For Cannabis Seeds Online Worldwide:

Are you interested in purchasing cannabis seeds online and having them shipped directly to your front door? Well have no fear! In this guide we’ll walk you through exactly where to purchase seeds online, how to pay for them, and how to get them shipped directly to your front door.

Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

Even a few years ago, it was just a pipe dream to be able to purchase marijuana seeds online and have it shipped to your house. You’d have to go out to the dispensary (if you were lucky enough to live somewhere where it was legal) or even try to find a non-sketchy source to buy with cash. And even then you had no idea what the quality was or even if you were getting the strain you asked for.

Thankfully, the industry has changed, and purchasing online is the new norm!

Where to Purchase Cannabis Seeds Online:

There are thousands of seed banks that claim to sell cannabis seeds online. Unfortunately not all of these seed banks are reputable sources, and many are more than willing to just take your money and not send you any seeds. Unfortunately when you’re dealing with online sales, some companies decide they don’t have to be legitimate. Thankfully, we’ve done our research and have compiled a list of the best seed banks that ship to USA and worldwide!

At a quick glance you’ll be in good hands if you use any of the following seed banks:

All of these companies have fully functional websites which will display all the seeds they offer for sale, an online checkout, and customer reviews of each seed. These stores will look exactly like any other online store you’ve used in the past.

What Payment Methods Can I Use To Buy Cannabis Seeds?:

Just like any online store, online seed banks will accept different payment methods depending on the company. Because these companies are in the cannabis industry, they can be very particular in which payment options they accept. Here’s a breakdown on what payment methods you can use:

  • Bitcoin – Most seed banks accept Bitcoin, some even offer discounts for using Bitcoin!
  • Cash – A handful of seed banks accept cold hard Cash.
  • Cash App – Only 1 seed bank that I know of accepts Cash App.
  • Credit Cards – Most seed banks accept traditional credit cards.
  • MasterCard – Most seed banks will Accept Mastercard.
  • Paypal – Only 1 seed bank that I know of accepts Paypal.
  • Prepaid VISA – Only a few seed banks accept Prepaid VISA
  • Venmo – Only 1 seed bank that I know of accepts Venmo.
  • Zelle – Only 1 seed bank that I know of accepts Zelle.

The Shipping Process:

When purchasing cannabis seeds online, you might be curious on how they ship the seeds due to the legality aspect. That being said, you really don’t have much to worry about. Many countries in the world it is completely legal to ship cannabis seeds, legality really depends on what you plan on doing with the seeds… wink wink.

That being said, all the seed banks mentioned above take extra caution when shipping their seeds just to be safe. They will package them in unmarked safe shipping envelopes that will keep the seeds protected as well as being private. Along with this, most seed banks will offer a reshipment even if the seeds are confiscated by customs. Crop King Seeds states that about 5% of their shipments are confiscated, but they’ll just send out an additional shipment for free. Even if customs does confiscate the package, they’ll just throw it away, and that’s the end of that.

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