March 5, 2021

How Long Do Marijuana Seeds Last?

So you bought some marijuana seeds but haven’t gotten around to using them, so you start to wonder, how long do marijuana seeds even last before they go bad? While there’s actually a bit of disagreement on how long they can last. Some people believe that marijuana seeds can last years before going bad, and others say it’s closer to six months. That being said, it really does depend on a few different factors, which we’ll go over below.

how long do marijuana seeds last?

What Are The Seeds Packed In Will Impact How Long They Last:

There’s going to be a big difference in shelf-life for marijuana seeds that are left sitting in the open air vs. cannabis seeds that are stored in an airtight container or the original package they were delivered in. If the seeds are exposed to the light or humidity you can risk them not germinating, so you need to ensure they’re in a protected packaging.

How Long Do Marijuana Seeds Last Before They Go Bad?:

As mentioned above it really depends on what the seeds are packaged in. If they are in an airtight container that protects the seeds from light and humidity, they will last longer before going bad.

If you stick your seeds in an airtight container and refrigerate them you’ll extend the lifespan even further. It’s often thought that you can store marijuana seeds up to a decade if they are refrigerated and in an airtight container.

How Long Do Marijuana Seeds Last Before Going Bad?:

  • 6 Months Being Stored Without Airtight Packaging
  • 1-2 Years Being Stored In Airtight Packaging
  • 3 Years Being Stored In Airtight Packaging In A Cool Dark Area
  • 10 Years Being Stored In Airtight Packaging In A Refrigerator

How To Tell If Marijuana Seeds Are Still Good?:

If you’ve had some cannabis seeds sitting around and you’re not sure if they’re still good to grow, then follow these few tips:

  • Look for any obvious discoloration on the shell of the seeds.
  • Look for obvious cracks and splits in the shell of the seeds.

The only real way to tell if your seeds are still good and functional is to try to germinate them and see if they will begin sprouting! I’d recommend the paper towel method as recommended by ILGM, which you can find here.

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