July 8, 2020

Herijuana Seeds For Sale – Where to Buy + Effects

When you’re looking for a marijuana strain that has enough THC to help keep your pain in check or simply to reduce stress, then Herijuana is you best choice!

The Best Place To Buy Herijuana Seeds Is At Pacific Seed Bank!

This uplifting strain has around 24% THC which ensures that it has the power to heal your ailments. Herijuana is the decedents of Afghani Petrolia Headstash and Killer New Haven and is truly a work of expert breeders.

This strain is known to have an earthy smell to it with a small hint of fruit. This strain grows best indoors, but this indica dominate strain is a pretty high yield strain around 600 grams per plant!

Where to Buy Herijuana Seeds?

If you’re looking for herijuana seeds for sale, then your best bet is Pacific Seed Bank! They have one of the largest online selections of seeds, as well with very reasonable prices. Along with this, they offer discrete shipping which keeps your privacy safe, and also offers free tracking to help ensure you know exactly where your package is!

Price of Herijuana Seeds:

Final Thoughts on Herijuana Seeds

If you’re looking for for a high THC strain that also has a high yield, then herijuana is the strain for you! If you’re someone that deals with daily pain, or anxiety, then Herijuana has the THC to help heal these ailments, and have you feeling better! Check out Pacific Seed Bank to get Herijuana Seeds today!

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