February 18, 2021

How To Grow Weed In An Apartment – Do’s And Don’ts

Has you weed stockpile gone dry? Thought about growing your own but you live in an apartment? Have no fear, although it will take a little bit of ingenuity, it’s possible to grow some great cannabis yields inside your apart. In this guide we’ll be talking about the few different ways you can grow weed in an apartment, the do’s and don’ts you’ll have to follow, and other tips to ensure your grow is successful.

Can I Legally Grow Weed In My Apartment?:

Cannabis is a bit of a hot topic recently, and there are quite a few states that haven’t legalized cannabis in the United States. Along with this, even if you live in a legalized state, it can often be a different story when you’re growing inside an apartment that you’re renting and don’t technically own. If you own your own home you can grow weed inside your closet and not have to answer to any landlord. I’d definitely check on your rental/lease agreement to see if it specifies any of this.

That being said, if you have the green light to start growing indoors or you’re willing to take that risk, it’s time to start building your apartment grow room! Before we begin we’re going to go through the top concerns you’ll need to take care of before you just start growing.

Taking Care of The Smell Of Growing Weed In Your Apartment:

The number one issue with growing weed in an apartment is the smell. Apartments are designed so that many people can live in close proximity, which means you have multiple neighbors who could complain about the smell of a grow if you don’t take proper precautions.

If you’re trying to have a discrete apartment grow, then you’re going to have to take care of the smell!

You’ll need to have a proper functioning ventilation system that includes an exhaust fan with an active carbon filter which will reduce the outgoing smell from the grow. Not only will this ventilation system help with the smell, but it also ensures the grow has adequate air flow and can reduce mold.

Along with this, I’d recommend you find a low odor indoor strain to help give your grow an extra level of discretion.

Using a Closet Grow vs Grow Tent In Your Apartment:

When you’re initiatively planning your apartment grow, there are a few different methods you can go with, a closet grow, grow tent or even a grow box.

Apartment Closet:

Closets are probably the most basic setup because you don’t need to spend as much money on equipment. And although they can produce some stellar bud, these are often considered the most basic option, and have a few disadvantages.

growing weed in an apartment

Generally closet grows get a bit wonky and you really have to be a bit clever to rig everything up. This often means making makeshift straps for your grow lights and hanging them from your wire closet racks. Along with this, because the grow is enclosed by drywall, you often can have a lingering smell, even with the best ventilation system possible.

Grow Tent:

I think a grow tent in your apartment in the middle ground option for your apartment grow. They are relatively expensive to purchase, and you can really get them set up within an hour.

The main benefit is that it does a better job of keeping all the weed smells inside the tent, which is perfect for your apartment neighbors. Along with this, there are multiple benefits in terms of lighting and allows for darker darks and is more efficient with your grow lights.

Overall, for something that you can get for less than $100, this is an excellent option.

Grow Box:

If you’re serious about indoor grows, then a grow box will be the top tier choice. Although these are more premium in cost, there’s a reason these are the best option. They are self contained weed growing environments that creates the ultimate separation between your apartment and your grow.

Along with this, many of these are extremely sleek and stylish as well as fully automated. They are essentially plug and play solutions to growing weed inside.

If you can afford a grow box and your serious about your grows (as well as your neighbors staying out of your business) then you can’t go wrong with a grow box.

Other Tips For Growing Cannabis In Your Apartment:

Although smell is often the number one thing you need to focus on when you’re growing indoors, there are a few other things you should focus on.

Soundproofing Your Walls Around Your Grow:

Although smell is often the biggest giveaway of a grow, you also need to focus on the added noise your grow will make. For most hours during the day you’ll have fans, lights, and a ventilation system running, which comes with its own noise.

Just by focusing on quiet systems as well as soundproofing your grow as much as possible you lower the chance of your neighbors hearing anything. A quiet grow is a safe grow, so keep sound in mind!

Final Thoughts On Growing Weed In Your Apartment:

Overall it can be difficult to grow marijuana in an apartment, but it’s definitely do able!

By focusing on reducing the smell of your grow as well as reducing the noise, you set yourself up for a perfect stealth indoor grow setup. It’s definitely worth investing a little bit of money into future proofing your grow. Not only will this help your grows yield, but it will also help to keep prying eyes (and noses) away from your grow.

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