April 30, 2020

Indoor Grow Room Equipment Checklist – Equipment to Grow Indoor Weed

By making sure you have the right equipment in your grow room, you’ll ensure that everything in the growing process goes smoothly and also helps to ensure that you achieve bigger yields when growing cannabis. This cannabis grow room checklist below will feature every item you might need to successfully grow cannabis indoors with a highly efficient grow room.

I’ll cover below my outline of the items needed, and a few recommendations on which products to get based on their usability and the price. 

My Grow Room Equipment Checklist

Here’s a quick rundown on what you might all need for your indoor grow.

  1. Seed Starter (Rapid Rooter)
  2. Vivosun Fabric Plant Grow Bags
  3. Indoor Grow Tent – Makes Everything Easier (TopoLite Is a Great Option)!
  4. Light Timer
  5. Oscillating Grow Fan
  6. Inline Duct Ventilation
  7. Air Carbon Filter
  8. Indoor Temperature Monitor
  9. Soil PH Meter
  10. Bud Pruner
  11. Automated Bud Trimmer
  12. Airtight Containers
  13. Extension Cord

Along with all the equipment listed above, you’ll also need some high-quality cannabis seeds to begin your grow! Below we’ll start getting more in-depth on what each of these products is, and why they’re essential to your growing system!

Seed Starter / Seed Plugs:

If you’re struggling with how to germinate your seeds, and you cant get anything to work, then I recommend you use seed starter to help give you a good start to your grow. These seed starters are small blocks of highly nutritious peat moss that contain enough water and air to give your seeds the perfect beginning in life. 

All you have to do is insert your cannabis seed into the small hole in the seed starter, and a bit of water as instructed and keep it warm, and soon enough you’ll have germinating seeds! Once you’ve seen some signs of life you can simply transfer these little samplings to their permanent home. Overall, these seed starters have a much higher rate of germination than traditional methods.

Vivosun Fabric Plant Grow Bags:

If you’re using soil for your grow, then I highly recommend you take a look at some fabric plant grow bags as your growing container. After germination, you’ll need larger containers such as these grow bags which range from 2 gallons to 5 gallons. The benefit of these bags compared to regular plant containers is that the fabric walls help to allow the soil and the plant to breathe more than traditional plant pots.

Ensure that you also have something to help catch the runoff water from these bags.

Grow Tent – Topolite

If you want the ultimate environment for your grow, then you should definitely consider a grow tent. A grow tent gives you a space to place your flowers which allows for reduced smell, protects your plants from pests, helps to save money by reducing light loss, and also makes it much easier to control the temperature. Using a grow tent is definitely recommend for anyone who is looking for the ultimate control. Using grow tents might seem daunting at first, but it’s definitely a great step and will help you grow bigger buds!

Some people often opt into creating their own grow tent by using tarps and lights, but overall a grow tent is pretty budget-friendly and will save you a bunch of headaches later down the road! It can also help to speed up the overall grow time.

LED Grow Light:

No indoor grow would be successful without an LED grow light. A grow light helps to give your plants the needed light they desire since they aren’t in contact with sunlight. Cannabis plants have flowering cycles which rely on different amounts of sunlight to grow, which is where your led grow light comes into play. Along with this, plants need at least 32w of power per plant so for every additional plant, you’ll need an additional 32w of power from your grow lights to get the best grow. 

Light Timer:

When using grow lights, you’ll need a way to help manage the amount of light that your plants are getting due to the fact that these plants grow based on light cycles. With grow lights, I’d recommend getting a light timer that you can set a time and it will turn off your lights after this timer is done. 

So if you’re using grow lights, then you definitely need a light timer to help manage the light cycles!

Oscillating Grow Fan:

When using a grow tent or growing indoors you need to ensure that you have constant air circulation. This helps to prevent mold and other diseases while helping to strengthen the overall plant. I generally recommend you choose an oscillating fan that can be clipped onto your tent so that it’s high up and out of the way. This will help to ensure that your grow room is much more organized and the fan won’t get in the way of your grow lights or any other equipment.

Inline Duct Ventilation and Inline Fan:

When growing cannabis indoors you need to be sure that you have solid ventilation in place. This will ensure that all the smell and dense air is vented out of your grow room, and there’s always a constant supply of fresh air coming into the area. This helps to ensure your cannabis plants are always getting fresh air, and help to prevent mold as well.

An inline fan helps to push the fresh air into the grow tents and rooms, and also helps to push the bad air out. If you want to grow marijuana, then these are both extremely important, so make sure you have them!

Carbon Filter:

You’ll need a carbon filter in your grow tent or room when growing marijuana to help prevent any smell build-up and keep everything smelling fine. If you have neighbors then you’ll definitely need a carbon filter because without one the smell can get quite overwhelming and your neighbors surely won’t be happy.

These carbon filters connect to the inline duct ventilation and ensure that the smell going out of your room is as clean as possible. This carbon filter is definitely an important piece of grow equipment if you have neighbors close by.

Indoor Temperature and Hygrometer Monitor:

This handy piece of equipment will help to monitor the temperature and the humidity inside your grow tents. This is extremely important because it will all help you monitor any changes and ensure that the environment is always at peak conditions for growing cannabis. This is also helpful for your grow light because I’ve heard stories that too humid conditions can actually harm your grow light (but I’ve never experienced something like that before). 

Depending on which strain you choose you’ll need to ensure that it has the optimal environment for that strains growing conditions. This could mean that certain strains need cooler weather or more humidity, and these tools help to monitor these conditions and ensure that your weed growing is at the optimal temperature and humidity. 

Soil PH Meter:

A PH meter allows you to monitor the PH levels of the soil and the water in your grow. This is important because your weed is going to be very susceptible to changes in PH levels. This means that if the PH is too high or too low it can cause your plants to die or become diseased. The ideal soil PH for growing cannabis is between 6.0 and 7.0. If you’re interested in hydroponic growing then the ideal PH is between 5.5 and 6.5.

Thankfully these meters are extremely easy to use, you just have to make sure you stick it into the soil and this handy piece of equipment will display the PH level. 

Bud Pruner:

Another important piece of equipment for any weed grow are bud pruners. Make sure you have these pruners because they are what is going to allow you to trim and harvest your weed a lot quicker than any other equipment. It will surely save you time, so make sure you have one! 

Automated Bud Trimmer:

If you are someone that is looking to grow large yields, then consider an automated bud trimmer. These are essentially automated equipment that will automatically trim and prune them within minutes! These will definitely save you a bunch of time pruning your cannabis plants, so if you’re interested in saving time, make sure you have one of these!

Airtight Containers:

One of the most important pieces of equipment in this grow list has to be these airtight containers. These are used for storing any bud you produced in your grow! There’s no point in setting up the grow light and the grow tent if you don’t have a place to store your yields, so make sure you have some of these handy for when you grow marijuana!

Extension Cord:

Last but not least on our list, you’ll most likely need some sort of extension cord to help you manage all the cords from your grow light, fan, temperature monitor, etc. I would make sure you have some of these ready because it will definitely help you keep your grow light cords organized and gives you more freedom in where you place your set up when you grow marijuana.

Final Thoughts:

Overall I hope you have found this checklist helpful. I know it can seem very overwhelming when you’re presented with this big list of items, but thankfully when you start to see your plants growing, it will all be worth it. 

Your biggest investment for any grow room when looking to grow cannabis is going to be your grow light setup and also your tent. These are extremely necessary to your grow, and I wouldn’t recommend skimping out on them if possible!

Please let me know if you have any questions at all, or if you think I need to add anything else to this list!

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