September 1, 2020

Ghost Haze Train Seeds For Sale – Effects

About Ghost Haze Train Seeds:

The Ghost Haze Train (GTH) is a Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain. Originally bred by the Rare Dankness, this strain is a cross of the Nevil’s Wreck and Ghost OG. The GTH contains a potent amount of THC (around 28%), and it is often referred to as a mild psychedelic among its consumers, further proving its intense abilities. It is indeed the choice of people seeking a little bit of ‘adventure.’

Effects of Ghost Haze Train:

The GTH is famous for being one of the strongest smokes in the world. It has different effects than other Sativa strains, inducing a rather ‘tranquil’ effect on the user. Tending to act like a psychedelic, GTH can stimulate deep awareness in the user, taking the mind on an internal journey.

ghost train haze seeds for sale

Medical Effects:

The GTH is known to attract plenty of individuals because of its variety of therapeutic uses. 

Chronic Conditions:

Low dosages of GTH are often recommended to help with conditions like chronic fatigue. When used in a higher dose, it can help cure ailments such as chronic pain, migraines, muscle spasm, arthritis, inflammation, etc. 

Mental Health:

GTH is known to help people with mental disorders like ADHD. It is also beneficial for people suffering from depression and chronic stress problems. 

Other Effects:

If the dosage of GTH is highly concentrated, the body will experience numbing effects. It will make the user lazy. The thoughts are clouded and all over the place, but the user still stays content and experiences a pleasant mood.

Negative Effects:

The GTH can also have some side effects, and a few of them could be more serious compared to the reactions of other strains normally consumed. It can cause cottonmouth (drying of the mouth), though it can be treated by staying hydrated after consumption. Dry and itchy eyes are also one of the adverse effects, but it can be easily prevented if eye moisturizers are used.

It can have serious effects on individuals who have paranoia or anxiety-related disorders. The primary reason behind this is the rich THC content found in the GTH. 

Advice for Consumers:

GTH is reportedly ranked among the Earth’s Strongest Strains by High Times. Therefore caution should be exercised while consuming it. It can cause dizziness and anxiety in the user if abused. Therefore a small dosage is the best starting point for beginners, only increasing dosages if required. Other GTH consumables such as tinctures, edibles, gummies, candies, etc. are also available; however, they could prove more potent, so caution is advised.

ghost train haze seeds

Aroma and Flavor:

Just like GTH itself, the aroma of this strain is intensely potent. Easily taking up whatever space it is in, this cannabis smell is quite strong and intense. It reeks of flowery, citric flavor, having a sweet impact on the user’s senses. The flavor is the same as its aroma, strongly citric, often producing a light sweet lemony flavor. While inhaling the GTH, you can expect a velvety smoke touching the lungs, with the earthy flavor that lingers long after the user has even exhaled the smoke. 


The buds of GTH are dense, covered in vibrant frost-white trichomes. Coated with light orange-colored hair, it radiates a beautiful forest-green color. 

Growing Ghost Train Haze:

GTH can be one of the difficult strains to produce. Prior cultivation experience is quite useful in growing this cannabis. However, the extra effort that might go into its cultivation also comes with a benefit; GTH puts up quite a resistance towards most common cannabis diseases. Higher resistance can help in a high yield if grown under the right conditions.

Best Climate to Grow Ghost Train Haze:

GTH requires a hot, dry environment. Outdoor cultivation is preferred to increase the overall yield of the GTH. However, since not everyone is blessed with the right climate, indoor cultivation is also possible. Both cultivation methods are viable. If the strain is being cultivated indoors, good ventilation and the right humidity is important. 

Temperature For Ghost Train Haze:

The preferable temperature for GTH is around 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Soil Conditions:

The soil should where the GTH is being grown should be kept moist with a well-balanced pH level. Preferable pH levels are around 6-7 on the pH scale.

Flowering Time of Ghost Train Haze:

The flowering time is around 7-9 weeks with a high yield.


Pruning will also help in better growth of the GTH. Just cut off the part of the plant that has seemed to stop growing. The plant’s lower portions should be kept clean, so it continues to grow on top.

Harvesting Ghost Train Haze:

Each GTH plant has a harvest of 300 grams per square meter when grown indoors, whereas outdoor cultivation yields as much as 400 grams per square meter. It is generally harvested late in October. 


Heavy feeding will make this plant happy and reach its full potential. Feeds of potassium nutrients can be provided through flowering to help it grow. 

Ghost Haze Train Seeds for Sale:

The Ghost Haze Train is one of the most famous cannabis strains out there. Labeled as one of the strongest strains on earth, this strain is a hard-hitter, notoriously famous for its calming, tranquil effects on the users. The GTH is indeed a train that hits you with a heavy psychedelic effect, taking your mind on a euphoric high journey that you will make you forget your stress and problems. 

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Final Thoughts on Ghost Haze Train Seeds:

GTH has great medicinal usages for people looking to relieve themselves of ailments such as inflammation, muscle spasms, mental disorders, or depression. It is a potent drug that affects both the mind and body. 

If you are looking for a wild journey of a cerebral high for recreational users, this drug is an absolute must. The feeling can be intensely trippy and psychedelic, perfect for looking to get stoned and go on a euphoric cerebral journey. However, the user should refrain from abusing this drug to avoid any unwanted paranoia or anxiety.

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