June 9, 2020

Dutch Seed Shop Review 2021 – Unbiased Opinions

  • Website – https://dutchseedsshop.com/
  • Email – admin@dutchseedsshop.com
  • Phone – Not Provided
  • Location – Bulgaria
  • Top Sellers – Strawberry Banana, Grape Ape, Alien OG, White Fire OG

Best Alternatives:

Introduction to Dutch Seed Shop:

There isn’t a lot good to say about Dutch Seeds Shop. For starters, the fact that it’s called Dutch Seeds and their address is Bulgaria is the initial red flag. If you dig not-so-much deeper, customer reviews about no delivery/refund, male “feminized” seeds, and non-existent customer service are aplenty. They do have plenty of positive reviews on certain sites, but have recently come under fire for hiring people to write fake reviews. The misspellings and poor grammar on the website are very similar to those in most of the positive reviews. Not going as far as to say it’s a complete scam, but they certainly don’t seem to care about their seeds’ germination, nor their dissatisfied customers, and have definitely pocketed plenty of dollars for orders that were never delivered. It would be in your best interest to look elsewhere, for sure. 

Dutch Seeds Shop History:

The company’s history is vague, at best. There is nothing on the website nor anywhere else online. 

Dutch Seeds Shop Reputation:

No credible online sources give Dutch Seeds any sort of positive nods, and even the reviews that involve seeds being delivered are pretty sour. There are multiple accounts of the seeds not being the strain ordered, or “feminized” seeds being male, or minimal germination from the seeds that do actually get delivered. With that, their reputation is not at all good, and very few satisfied customers exist. The few positive accounts are very questionable, and given the reports of Dutch Seeds paying for positive reviews, it’s safe to say the only folks trying to build a positive reputation for this company are those from within. 

Dutch Seed Shop Seed Selection (2.0/5.0):

There is confusion even within the website as to how big their seed selection is. Some text on the site promotes that they sell more than 150 seeds, and if it were true, that would be a great selection, but when you click on the seeds for sale, the number shrinks to 100. Upon further counting, there are much less than 100. Take all that and couple it with the large number of customers who claim to have received the wrong seeds, it’s probably safe to say that the seed selection is pretty minimal, and if you order seeds that they don’t actually have, they’ll just send you something else in hopes you don’t notice. 

Dutch Seed Shop Seed Quality (1.0/5.0):

There are, indeed, some reviews of Dutch Seeds actually delivering their orders successfully, but don’t get your hopes to high in reading that. Many are the wrong strains, and even though they sell feminized seeds aplenty, a lot of those feminized seeds that were delivered grew as male plants. Additionally, most germination rates are below 50%, and Dutch Seeds does not offer any sort of guarantee. Even if they did, it wouldn’t be wise to bank on it… more on that in the customer service section. 

The advertised seed selection is pretty enticing, but what’s advertised certainly isn’t what’s delivered, and you would be well suited to look elsewhere for your seeds. A lot of places offer a lot of high-quality seeds, and for the highest quality, be sure to look at seed banks that grow their own strains. 

You’re better off going with Seedsman Seeds or ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com for your seeds compared to Dutch Seeds Shop.

Dutch Seed Shop Customer Service (1.0/5.0):

Given that the seed bank industry is one based on mail delivery of a product, customer support is very important. Many things can happen that are simply out of the hands of a given seed bank. All they can do to combat the unknown is to offer quality customer service and guaranteed deliveries. Dutch Seeds Shop offers neither of those things. The fact that they do not have a phone option for customer support is enough of a turn-off, but on top of that, even their email customer service is widely known to be non-existent, or misleading at very best. Many customers who have not received their orders did, indeed, receive a reply, but the reply was about fixing something that would ultimately never be fixed.

Dutch Seed Shop Shipping (1.0/5.0):

If you have an odd penchant for the excitement of checking your mail every day for weeks, then maybe Dutch Seeds Shop is for you. Most people, however, would not be happy to read the plethora of negative reviews regarding product delivery. A few folks even opined that they did receive a package from Dutch Seeds, but it only included a shirt from the company, and the seeds were nowhere to be found. It seems to be a common occurrence for people ordering from Dutch Seeds to get to literally experience the classic “I went to [insert place here], and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.” As a silver lining to their extremely underwhelming shipping practices, not too many people get to say that phrase in a non-cliché manner, so enjoy that shirt and order your next batch of seeds from another source. 

For a better shipping experience, check out ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com for free international shipping and the ultimate ease.

Dutch Seed Shops Pricing (2.0/5.0):

Taking their advertised prices without looking at anything else, Dutch Seeds Shop does offer affordable seeds. When you take into account the gamble that you’re not likely to receive those seeds, however, it’s not a very good deal. There are plenty of other options for seeds from companies with sterling reputations for delivering what they say they’ll deliver, and we recommend taking that route. 

Dutch Seeds Shop Promotions and Discounts (1.0/5.0):

The only promotion Dutch Seeds Shop offered is 6 free seeds for orders of more than $100. Even if it were legitimate, that’s not that great of a deal in comparison to many other seed banks. It looks to us like a way to get people to spend more money, and not much else. Even if you do get six free seeds, and actually receive your order, the germination rates are so low that even if your six free seeds do germinate, they won’t make up for the ones that didn’t. 

Final Thoughts on Dutch Seed Shop Reviews:

If you’ve read the rest of the review, it should come to no surprise that Dutch Seeds does not come highly recommended, nor recommended at all. They check all the boxes of a scam company, and nothing sticks out as credible nor even remotely recommended from a review standpoint. Luckily, there are plenty of other options to get your seeds online!

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