April 16, 2020

Crop King Seeds Review: Should You Trust The King?

In this Crop King Seeds review we will be taking a look at Canada’s Crop King Seeds (as a seed bank and company, not just the cannabis seeds), and giving an evaluation based on selection, quality, customer service, and our overall takeaway from the shopping experience. With multiple storefronts seed banks across the country of Canada, this is one of the few large-scale seed bank operations that does not work solely online (though their website is very easy to use and offers an in-person chat feature).

Crop King Seeds also has a distribution center in Los Angeles, CA, making for quick delivery times to customers in the United States. 

We will break down their products, share other customer thoughts, and toss in a couple of recommendations along the way. 

Crop King’s Most Popular Cannabis Seeds:

History of Crop King Seeds:

Crop King Seeds first started distributing seeds North of the U.S. border in the early 2005, but only stayed in operation (at least in the public eye) for a few years, as uncertainty surrounding Canadian cannabis legalities caused many operations to cease or move underground. 

Upon U.S. recreational legalization in the first states of Colorado and Washington, Crop Kings resurfaced and began building a solid public reputation as a seed bank that stands by their products and guarantees satisfaction. 

In 2013, following solidification of medicinal growing laws in Canada, Crop Kings set up shop back in the land of maple leaves, poutine, and universal healthcare, where Crop King Seed now distributes across the entire continent from their Vancouver, B.C. headquarters. Cannabis became recreationally legal at the federal level in October of 2018 in Canada, so it looks like Crop Kings seed bank is safe from the long arm of the law, and able to continue providing top-shelf buds and top-shelf (discreet!) service to the U.S., Canada and overseas.  Currently I would consider them the best Canadian seed bank in term of quality of marijuana seeds.

Reputation of Crop King Seeds:

Based on both customer testimonials, and personal experience, Crop Kings is a polished seed bank with a solid reputation for great products and equivalent customer service. Below is a chart from consumer review website, Trustpilot, which has more than 2,500 reviews on Crop King Seeds, with more than 80% rating it “Great” or “Excellent.”

Most of the positive feedback stems from a combination of high-quality seeds and a customer service department that really seems to care. The keystone of that customer service is their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Crop King Seeds boasts that all of their seeds are handpicked, inspected, and tested, and if consumers wind up with a bad batch (which is a very rare occurrence), or even claim a failed deliver, Crop Kings will have another order in the mail immediately. Most other seed banks don’t do this, so it’s definitely a nice added touch and really makes you feel cared about as a customer.

Other customer service perks like actual storefronts and human-to-human phone service and online chats help this company’s sterling reputation stay polished. In the Crop King Seeds review below, you’ll find out more why it holds such a high reputation!

Crop King Seed Selection: (4.0/5.0)

Crop King’s seeds selection is pretty vast, and the seed bank claims to have cultivated all of the strains themselves, adding a level of enticement, as every new grow of your favorite strain is just a little bit different. In addition to having their own takes on classics like Green Crack and Northern Lights, they also have many strains unique to the Crop King Seeds brand. Overall their strain selection is very impressive!

Crop King Strain Selection

Their selection of autoflowering seeds is growing, and Crop King Seed offers some dynamite favorites like Lambs Breath, Jack Herer, Amnesia Haze, AK-47 and many more to growers who don’t want to wait for appropriate light cycles. 

Crop King’s also got an early foot in the door in the CBD game, and offers many CBD seeds, including autoflowering and feminized options for most strains. Some top-selling CBD strains from Crop King are CBD White Widow, Auto CBD Cheese, and CB Diesel.

The seeds strains mentioned here only scratch the surface of the wide breadth of products that Crop King Seeds produces (and guarantees!) and you could spend two hours perusing the website and still have some strains left over to read about. I really do enjoy that they offer strains of every sort, including high CBD, high yield, low odor, and many other choices to choose from! Overall their strain selection is quite large compared to other seed banks!

Crop King Seed Quality: (4.5/5.0)

Even if the seed quality was revered as “low” (which it isn’t), Crop King Seeds would deserve a tip of the hat simply for their guarantee, which is a germination rate of 80%. This germination guarantee means if your order doesn’t yield that, Crop King Seed will ship you a replacement immediately.  I personally haven’t had any issues with germination when I’ve purchased with Crop King Seeds, but it’s nice to have that extra level of security and guarantee to give you peace of mind. If you’re looking for a seed bank that has your back, then Crop King Seed is the one for you.

Fortunately for all parties, Crop King’s seeds are viewed by the large majority as high quality cannabis seeds. Many customers have a “Crop King Seeds or nothing” mentality based on the quality of the seeds they have received over the years. With feminized and autoflowering options for the majority of both THC and high CBD strains, the quality across their breadth of products is generally the same. No matter if you’re looking at a wide variety of different strains, you can be pretty much guaranteed that there will be high quality to follow!

Personal experience follows the majority, but a few areas of negative feedback that seemed to be more than anomalies were in the areas of incorrect shipment, rather than actual poor seed quality.  That being said, Crop King are very responsive and you’ll be able to get it all sorted out very quickly. So I would rate their overall cannabis seeds quality very high!

Crop King Customer Service: (4.5/5.0)

Generally, a surefire way to get a negative review as a company is with poor customer service, and the lack of such reviews regarding Crop King Seeds is one of many factors used in rating this company very high in regards to how Crop King Seed treat their people. It’s rare that folks go to a laptop to say, “great work!” and common for complainers to do just that, so anytime a company has more good reviews than bad, you can almost guarantee that at least ten times the number of people who gave positive reviews felt good about their experience. 

I shared similar feelings when I first tried Crop King Seeds, and it was very refreshing to find a seed bank that actually has a live chat feature. Most seed banks I’ve looked at don’t have this feature, and it’s extremely nice to just be able to pull open the live chat and ask questions about specific cannabis seeds or different strains and actually get an answer right there. They also did a great job clarifying their germination rates for me.

To beat a dead horse, Crop King Seed offered 80% germination guarantee satisfaction guarantee is pretty unparalleled for a seed bank, and offering that level of germination rates to customers is a great start in any attempt to retain consumers. Another recurring theme in online customer reviews was the ability to talk to a real person, either via telephone or with their online chat service. Personal experience with both of these was great, but I did let them know there was a review being written. A handful of negative customer service reviews mentioned a bluntness with customer service, which I admittedly noticed, but as a Philadelphia man, that’s welcomed and familiar to me… so take it as you will. Both folks I chatted with were funny, which is always a bonus, especially when you have to call about something serious like a botched order. Overall I was very happy with their customer service, and I think it’s much better than most other seed banks in the industry.

Crop King Shipping Options: (4.0/5.0)

Shipping options are aplenty with Crop King Seeds, and so are payment options. Generally revered as a discrete service, Crop King has been successfully shipping their products around the globe since shortly after their inception. As per the website, Crop King Seeds offers two shipping options for both North America and Overseas seed destinations. 

For $10 (all prices in USD), customers can choose the “regular shipping” option, which guarantees North American delivery in 7-14 days (US orders ship from a bank in LA), and Overseas delivery in less than 21 days. For an extra $20 ($30 total), customers may choose Express Registered Shipping w/Tracking and guaranteed delivery insurance. For North American customers, express shipping gets you your cannabis seeds in less than a week (and sometimes as quick as 48 hours), though overseas customers may still be waiting 21 days. With this $30 payment, though, customers are guaranteed a replacement delivery if the product happens to be seized (which they estimate about 5% of their overseas orders do). 

Overall their shipping is one of the best that I’ve experienced, and no matter if you’re shipping outside of Canada, their shipping process will leave your mind at ease!

Payment Methods:

To add a level to the purchasing discretion, Crop King Seeds accepts payment in many different forms. Compared to other seed banks, they have payment methods galore! Trusty customers can mail good ol’ cash with an order (remember it’s a Canadian company with Canadian currency), or utilize one of the many digital transaction that Crop King accepts: You can pay with Bitcoin, MoneyGram, Zelle Payment, PayPal, Venmo, a Visa/MasterCard or even a prepaid Visa

A few reviews online shared a common opinion that Crop King Seeds didn’t fill their order correctly, so just to be safe and double check with a phone call if you order online or by mail. There will be a real person to answer and confirm your order. I’ve also been able to ask directly in their live-chat function and have gotten an answer very quickly just to double check that my order is correct.

Crop King Pricing: (3.5/5.0)

It should be noted for the eighth time in this review that Crop King’s 80% germination guarantee is not an industry norm, and a pretty great thing. With that, their prices do tend to be a bit higher than most. 

For autoflowering and feminized seeds, pricing is right around $75 for a pack of 5 seeds, compared to the average of ~$50 for similar products. Regular seeds from Crop King Seeds are around $50 for 5, which is a little closer to the average. 

When they bump the bulk, however, prices drop significantly and are much more on par with the industry standards. 25 regular seeds will run you around $150, and a 25 pack of feminized, autoflowering seeds is about $250.

Crop King Seeds does not offer a 3 pack like a lot of stateside operations, but then again it’s tough to measure an 80% germination rate with 3 seeds, and that guarantee is oh, so sweet.  That being said, with their germination guarantee, their overall ease of use, and really just their high quality of cannabis seeds, I’m happy paying slightly more for the quality.

Crop King Promotions and Discounts: (3.0/5.0)

Crop King Seeds didn’t have too much to offer in the way of promotions/discounts or loyalty programs, but they were proud to say they were still shipping regularly during the COVID-19 lock down, whereas a lot of places had closed up shop temporarily. Running on a skeleton crew seems to be their M-O, and it certainly has pros and cons.

The young lady I spoke with in regards to promotional offerings did reiterate multiple times that they always add some extra seeds to each order as their “thank you” for choosing them. So although they might not officially state that you’ll be getting free seeds, it’s always a nice surprise to receive a few extra on an order.

Final Thoughts on Our Crop King Seeds Review:

Though a few cons get through the cracks, generally the good heavily outweighs the bad for customers looking to purchase some seeds from Crop King Seeds. With more than 15 years in service and successful navigation of legalities during both Canada and the United States’ recreational legalization processes, the folks behind Crop King Seeds are tried and true professionals. Along with this, it makes me believe that this seed bank will be around for many years to come since they’ve managed to dodge certain legal obstacles in the past, now that legalization is coming closer and closer to all of North America, I think the toughest part is behind them.

Crop King Seeds have a wide array of seeds available in each of these five categories (with some strains checking more than one box): autoflowering, feminized, CBD, fast version, and regular. Each seed type has at least 30 strains available for purchase, and the strains are a steady mix of classics like Amnesia Haze and Jack Herer, and intriguing creations like Harlequin Kimbo Kush and Shiskaberry Candida. Next time you get a nice indica high going and need something to do on the couch, I’d recommend browsing their menu and seeing what sparks your interest. 

Pricing is a bit high compared to most, but Lisa in the online chat made sure to remind me a few times that they always send extras in their bags, and their 80% germination guarantee speaks very highly of the confidence they have in their own products, which is nice to see from a seed bank.

For a small purchase, I may look elsewhere first just because the guarantee doesn’t quite make up for the price difference, but for a larger purchase (10+ seeds), Crop King seems like a great seed bank to try a new, unheard of strain from. Cheap and discreet shipping from LA makes it a safe and fast choice for North American customers, as well. 

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