June 24, 2020

Buying Marijuana Seeds in Spain 2021 – Online

If you live in Spain you might be curious on what the current cannabis regulations are, and if it’s possible to buy marijuana seeds in Spain in 2021. Thankfully you are in the right place! Here at BudInformer, we’ve gathered all the information you will ever need in regards to regulations for possessing and growing cannabis in Spain, the future of cannabis and even the best places to purchase cannabis seeds in Spain!

Best Seed Banks That Ship To Spain:

  1. Seedsman Seed Bank: [Read Our Review] – Huge selection of seeds, fast and discrete shipping!
  2. ILoveGrowingMarijuana: [Read Our Review] – Best customer support in the market and FREE SHIPPING!
  3. Crop King Seeds: [Read Our Review] – Highly trusted Canadian brand with discrete worldwide shipping, many payment methods including PayPal.

Current Cannabis Laws and Regulations in Spain:

The current laws and regulations involving cannabis in Spain is pretty complicated compared to other countries such as Australia or United Kingdom.. Laws are constantly being tweaked and the Podemos Party back in 2018 has worked on measures which would completely legalize cannabis, but those actions won’t be live for years to come.

That being said, cannabis is currently decriminalized for personal growing and consumption for in Spain as long as they’re in a private space. You can face heavy fines if you’re consuming or growing cannabis somewhere that is easily visible from the street, with fines ranging from 600 euros to up to 30,000.

Furthermore, the sale and importation of cannabis of any quality is still illegal and is an attempt to prevent large drug organizations from profiting without much regulation.

To make matters even more complicated, not every autonomous zone in Spain uses the same set of rules and regulations. So at the end of the day it’s a lot easier if you simply double check your local rules and regulations before you consider purchasing!

What To Consider When Consuming or Purchasing Cannabis in Spain:

If you’re looking to purchase cannabis or cannabis seeds, then there are a few things you should consider before just jumping straight into it.

Cannabis seeds are legal. Although this could technically change by the time you’re reading this post, at the time of writing this, cannabis seeds are legal in Spain, and so is the ability to grow these seeds as long as it’s for personal use only!

Marijuana clubs are a unique thing to Spain. These are semi-private clubs (usually involve being referred by a current member and a membership fee) where the clubs purchase cannabis seeds and grow them as a a group for their members to enjoy. There are a few more small stipulations which says members can’t flat out purchase cannabis from these clubs, but if they enjoy it as a group and it’s shared without payment then it’s legal. As of 2021, Spain has over 800 individual marijuana clubs, so it’s definitely something to look into.

Buying Cannabis Seeds In Spain:

As mentioned above, purchasing cannabis seeds in Spain is perfectly legal, and so is growing and consuming for personal enjoyment. Below we’ll talk about the different options you have to purchase cannabis seeds.

Spanish Seed Banks:

There’s a handful of Spanish Seed Banks available due to the fact that cannabis is allowed more compared to other countries. Along with marijuana clubs, there are actually many different options for those looking to buy seeds.

Seed Banks That Ship to Spain:

Thanks to the internet, even if you’re in Spain (or pretty much any other country in the world) you still have access to some of the best quality cannabis seeds, and huge strain selections through online seed banks.

These seed banks are online storefronts where you can purchase seeds and have them delivered directly to you. These seed banks make it extremely easy to find the strain you’re interested, offer extremely high quality seeds, and also offer discrete shipping which ensures your privacy. Furthermore, these seed banks are constantly offering promotions and have prices that are often much better than any local sources you might find.

While there are hundreds of different online seed banks to choose from, not all of them ship directly to Spain, and not all of them offer the same level of service. Our recommendations are as follows:

Seedsman: – With one of their main headquarters based in Barcelona, using Seedsman is a no brainer. They offer probably the largest strain selection out of any seed bank that I’ve tried, and they offer an extremely high quality level of seeds. Furthermore, they’re constantly offering seed discounts and promotions which will help you save money! Definitely check out Seedsman!

ILoveGrowingMarijuana (ILGM): – Based out of Amsterdam, ILGM offers the highest level of customer support in the industry with extremely helpful employees which will do anything in their power to make your experience a good one. Along with this, ILGM offers FREE SHIPPING and has extremely high strain quality as well!

ILGM Ships to Spain

Crop King Seeds: – Based out of Canada, this seed bank has been around for quite a few years and has built up a reputation as one of the most trusted banks in the market. They offer great prices, discrete shipping practices, and quality seeds! Take a look at Crop King Seeds today!

Seed banks that ship to Spain

What To Consider When Growing Cannabis in Spain:

Spain is one of the best climates to grow cannabis seeds, and there are a few large international seed banks that grow out of Spain due to the climate. But, now that you have your seeds, is there anything else you need to consider before you start growing your cannabis seeds?

Make sure you’re growing just for personal use. Growing cannabis in Spain with the intent to sell or traffic can lead to quite the hefty fine and quite often a jail sentence as well. So you’ll need to be sure that you’re growing for personal enjoyment to stay on the right side of the law.

Make sure you’re growing in a private area. The Spanish government doesn’t take very kindly to cannabis grows that are publicly noticeable. For example, if your grow can be seen from the street then you can face a fine with a minimum of 601 euros and a maximum of around 30,000 euros. It’s definitely not worth the risk, so ensure that your grow is somewhere private where it won’t disrupt anyone.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis Seeds in Spain:

Spain is currently in a strange place in terms of laws and regulations involving cannabis, that being said they are quite a bit more open to cannabis than some other countries.

With the ability to grow and consume cannabis for personal enjoyment as long as you keep it private, Spain is definitely quite accepting. Overall, if you’re planning on purchasing cannabis seeds while in Spain, make sure you look up your local rules and regulations and ensure you follow them!

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