September 10, 2020

Buying Marijuana Seeds in Germany – Online Sale

Germany is the land of great sausages and even better beer. One thing we know about Germany is that they know how to craft some of the best products. Their perfectly crafted bread, beers…but the food isn’t Germany’s only perfectly crafted product. They have some of the best cars in the world, music, castles…Berlin. So, it has been established that Germany is a pretty neat country. What would make this country even better? Cannabis, of course!

Best Online Seed Banks For Buying Cannabis Seeds in Germany:

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  2. ILoveGrowingMarijuana: [Read Our Review] – Has the best customer support in the business and offers FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!
  3. Crop King Seeds: [Read Our Review] – Great selection of seeds with a very easy to use website which accepts Bitcoin, Cash App, Venmo, Prepaid Visa Cards and More!

History of Cannabis in Germany:

Well, Germany is definitely not a cannabis virgin. Cannabis has been apart of Germany since the Late Stone Age, about 7,500 years ago. When archeologists found fossilized cannabis seeds, they knew for certain that cannabis has deep roots in German history. The people who lived during the Stone Age did not do a whole lot of writing, so there is not too much information about the first people to use cannabis.

marijuana in germany

Although there was not a plethora of information about the first people to use cannabis in Germany, there is a cannabis visionary from the 12th century, who has written extensively about cannabis. This trailblazer is Hildegard von Bingen. Hildegard was in awe of the power of cannabis, so he wrote extensively about the medical properties of cannabis. According to Civilized Life, “Hildegard is often depicted as “the first German visionary” who believed the “green power” spread and animated the world, so many believe that Hildegard’s visions were influenced by marijuana.”

With the 12th century behind us, Hildegard’s research still affects German culture hundreds of years later. The medical properties of cannabis were being used even into the 19th century. Cannabis continued to be apart of German culture until 1982. Germany’s prohibition of cannabis lasted 14 years but ended in 1996 due to the relentless hemp advocates.

Ever since the prohibition was lifted, Germans have used cannabis medically and as a part of their diet.

German Laws and Regulations About Cannabis:

Even though German has an extensive history with cannabis, Germany is not tolerant of the recreational use of marijuana. Although Germany has been very supportive of medical marijuana and hemp products, consuming cannabis for fun is a little bit out of their comfort zone.

Right now, it is illegal to have possession of cannabis in Germany. The punishment that one can get for being caught with any type of drug is up to five years in prison. Despite the federal law, the German government would rather give the citizens treatment than a prison sentence. Germany has a different idea about how they prosecute their people.

So, citizens are allowed to have a small amount for personal use, but the amount varies from place to place. For example, most places allow about 6 grams, but Berlin allows 15 grams as their maximum amount of cannabis.

marijuana laws in germany

Although marijuana is legal in medium or small amounts, the distribution, and supply of it, is the issue. According to Germany’s Narcotics Act, someone can be punished for up to 5 years for selling/supplying cannabis and they can gain even more time if they sell to minors, if they are a part of a gang or if weapons are found. Long story short… having marijuana in Germany is one thing, but to sell it/ supply it… that is a serious offense. Growing cannabis in Germany is also viewed as harshly as selling or supplying it.

Driving under the influence is a whole other story… According to Dutch Passion, “Germany has some of the ​harshest laws​ for drug driving. 1 nanogram of THC, or above, in the blood serum usually results in at least a 1-3 month driving ban and a fine.” The biggest issue with this law is that THC will stay in someone’s system for a while. This means that people who smoked a day ago and who are completely sober can be persecuted.

Germany is a big supporter of CBD. CBD is legal to buy and sell, but it has to have a THC concentration of under .2%. The only issue with this law is that other cannabis products with low amounts of THC may be illegal. For example, dried hemp flowers are not allowed. This makes navigating the sea of cannabis legality quite hard.

Now, let’s get to the legality of cannabis seeds in Germany. According to Sensi Seeds, “Germany is the only European country that forbids the sale of c​annabis seeds​. However, as part of the EU, it adheres to the principle of ‘free movement of goods’, which means that shipping cannabis seeds to Germany are legal.” This also means that ordering seeds online is not illegal, but those seeds cannot be grown into plants.

The medical marijuana industry is thriving due to laws introduced in 2017. These laws allow cannabis to be used for medical reasons. When the law first went into action, there were only allowed to be 1,000 patients, but that wasn’t for long. By the end of 2018, there were now 40,000 patients. That many patients in that short of time are the reason Germany has grown to be the biggest medical marijuana market in the whole of Europe. What makes this truly beautiful, is that 2⁄3 of insurance companies cover the cost of medical marijuana for their patients.

Germany’s Cannabis Culture:

Germany has always had a close relationship with Cannabis. It is reported that about 4 million people use cannabis in Germany. The German Stoner Culture is definitely thriving. Most people in Germany are tolerant of the use of marijuana, at least medicinally. They have hosted the “hemp parade,” aka “Hanfparade,” since the ’90s. Oh and don’t forget about the museum dedicated to cannabis in Berlin, “​Hanfmuseum.” Besides parades and museums, Germany also is well known for its stoner artists such as King Keil and also​ for their stoner movie called “Lammbock.” That movie is one of the many positive representations of cannabis in Germany.

Interestingly enough, Germany’s Police and government are all about having a positive representation of cannabis use. According to Dutch Passion, “Andre Schulz of the BDK explained that ​criminalizing cannabis users creates strong stigmatization which marginalizes users and may lead to criminal careers” The BDK, ​Association of German Criminal Officers, is on board with the destigmatization of marijuana. They are definitely moving in the right direction for the full legalization of marijuana.

Stoner Culture is quite interesting in Germany because of its popularity and laws. There are loads of places around Germany that one can smoke outside or in a bar. There are many bars and pubs that tolerate people smoking weed in them. Honestly, Berlin has the most concentrated stoner culture and it may be easier to get together with other stoners there.

Buying Cannabis Seeds in Germany:

We have now arrived at the fun part…cannabis seeds! As stated above, it is legal to buy cannabis seeds and it is legal to have them shipped to Germany, but growing those seeds will have to wait. Growing cannabis in Germany is illegal.

I have comprised a few seed banks that will ship to Germany, so you can save them for when growing cannabis becomes legal. Cannabis seeds can be kept for years when they are in the right conditions.

Since it is legal to buy cannabis seeds. There are two amazing seedbanks that ship to Germany. The seed banks that ship to Germany are C​rop King Seeds,​ M​SNL​, and Seedsman.​

Marijuana-Seeds.NL (MSNL)

Marijuana Seeds NL​ is a very classy website with a tasteful design that is not at all overwhelming. This company has a very sweet and touching origin story. So, this business started with two friends who started growing their personal collection of marijuana seeds by traveling all over Europe. The two friends realized the beauty and diversity of marijuana, so they kept trying to find better strains. They have been at this business since 1999 and have built up an extensive collection of seeds as well as their own strains! You can read our full review here.

MSNL has such an easy to navigate site that buying cannabis seeds is very simple and time-efficient. Unlike many other companies, there is little to no stress when using their site to find exactly what you want.

When shipping through MSNL, you don’t have to worry. They use the most up to date ways to discreetly ship your package to you. Through their many years in the industry, they have nearly perfected shipping to their customers. One of their selling points is how discrete they truly are. Even their billing is extremely discrete because they care about their customers’ safety! Since they have been in the business for so long, they are able to sell their products at extremely reasonable prices.

Crop King Seeds:

Crop King’s bright colors and fun animations make the experience of buying marijuana seeds much more pleasant. The site including all of the bright colors and lively animations feels very professional. Who is Crop King Seeds? Crop King Seeds have been in the seed business since 2005. What makes them extraordinary is that this organization began as one worker and now has become a notable cannabis seed company. They highly value quality and administration over whatever else. CKS is prepared to converse with clients all day, every day, so it is not out of the ordinary that you will have quality client assistance.

With regards to CKS’s original seeds, they will blow you out of this world. Like most sites, Crop King Seeds allows you to browse a couple of various kinds of seeds to discover your preferred seeds whether it be autoflowering, feminized, standard, or CBD seeds. For some, their prices may seem high, but anything is cheaper than the steep rates the government is charging people medicinally. Also, their quality is nearly unmatched.


To be completely transparent, ​Seedsman​ is one of my favorite seed banks on this list. They have unmatched quality, extreme selection of cannabis seeds, easy to navigate the website, and quality customer service. Seedsman is one of the online seed banks that makes buying seeds so simple and they have built a website to help you along the way!

Seedsman has been around for about 17 years! During the nearly two decades of service and preservation, Seedsman has used this time to find, cultivate, and store the best cannabis seeds they can find internationally. Having an active role in marijuana reform and change, Seedsman is definitely an organization that mirrors German Cannabis Culture’s ideology. They would not like anyone to participate in illegal activity, so Seedsman urges those who live in a place that is illegal to grow marijuana to preserve their seeds until it becomes legal.

Being one of the most well known and trusted seed banks in the world is a very big responsibility to carry on their shoulders, but Seedsman does it with elegance. Their customer service is built into their in-depth and interactive website. Customers like their product enough that they take the time to write reviews. Some of the reviews were, “E​ xcellent service, they stand behind their product. Nothing but great experiences dealing with them,” “Quality seed, quality service also offer insurance on shipping which is great! Best online sees bank by far.” Not all of the reviews were perfect, but there was one thing that was rarely complained about…customer service! The difficulties had to do with shipping, which is to be expected when the whole world is shipping everything.

Seedsman’s selection and prices are truly amazing. Since Seedsman has spent the last 17 years searching for quality seeds, they have an extensive selection of very well priced seeds! White Widow, Amnesia Haze, Bubba Kush, and countless other favorites. So, if I want to get Amnesia Fast seeds from Seedsman, that will cost £43.18 for 10 seeds. So, if you are looking for an easy to navigate website with good customer service and a wide variety of seeds, then Seedsman is for you!

Final Thoughts on Cannabis in Germany:

German is drawing very close to the full legalization of marijuana. This allows more and more people to experience the healing power of cannabis!

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