December 7, 2020

9 Best Weed Subscription Boxes Available Online!

Subscription-based purchasing isn’t particularly new, and things like the “Dollar Shave Club” have been doing well for quite some time delivering monthly packages to their subscribers, but one of the few silver lining to the COVID-19 pandemic has been a surge in sales for companies who do the majority of their business via delivery. Anyone who has turned on a TV in the last 9 months has certainly seen ads for places like Taco Bell and Wendy’s now delivering, and this is due to the upward trends seen during the pandemic relative to companies who take their business right to your front door. 

The weed industry hasn’t taken too many hits (pun totally intended) due to COVID, as most states deemed dispensaries as essential work places, but that doesn’t mean the industry didn’t grow with the times, and marijuana delivery services boomed since stay-at-home orders came into effect. Some head shops, however, were not allowed to stay open, and the subscription box idea was a great way to roll (also totally intended) with the proverbial punches. 

What Is A Cannabis Subscription Box?

Marrying the success of subscription-based purchasing and weed delivery into a box full of smoking accessories just makes sense. As an added bonus for super stoners, if you forget you subscribed, you get a surprise box of all-things-weed at your door every month!

These are also perfect for regular marijuana users who may have gotten stuck in their ways and are stubborn about trying new products. Though this list is only for those boxes containing accessories and not actual cannabis or cannabis seeds, there are also some companies who are making use of their older product by using similar bulk delivery ideas. 

Things to Think About Before Buying a Weed Subscription Package:

As the idea of a weed accessory delivery box is fairly new, no one has really found the perfect formula, and that should be viewed as a good thing to consumers who read this article, as each box has some different pros and cons worth considering, depending on what kind of smoker you are. Some of the boxes are more geared toward masculine-minded smokers, some for feminine, and some for couples. 

Prices vary, as well, as do the frequency with which the boxes are delivered. For frequent smokers, frequency may be very important, but for casual smokers, a new box every few months may be a pleasant enough surprise.

Top 9 Cannabis Subscription Boxes Reviewed:

From papers to pipes to rigs to clothes to hemp products, and a whole heck-of-a-lot more, there is certainly a box on this list that will cater to you more than others. Enjoy checking out the pros and cons of our 9 favorite weed delivery boxes!

#1 Hippie Butler:

Hippy Butler stands out for options alone, offering 5 different box types catered to 5 different smoker types, and their prices are pretty darn good, too! The website is extremely easy to use, and they aren’t in existence to waste your time, as the first thing you see is a list of their boxes and what comes in each. HB deserves many a tip of the hat, but what makes them a great first mention on our list is the fact that they have something for every budget or desire in their “make your own box” section. They also have great one-time flash sales on some of their products, as well as free shipping.

stoner box

Box Choices

The Roller’s Club – $15.99/month

As the name would suggest, the Roller’s Club box is catered to the OGs of smoking OG, fully equipped with papers, wraps, pre-roll cones, and tips every month. In addition, they always toss in something like a pipe, grinder, plate, or a nifty spot to hide your pot. 

The Butler Box – $39.99/month

The Butler Box is their go-to subscription box, and is also the most popular. Molded off the founder’s own tastes, this box is marketed towards daily smokers who like mixing it up with glass, papers, and maybe some dabs here and there. Each box comes with a glass piece, a rolling tray, a grinder, some pre-roll cones, dry-mouth-curing candy, wraps, papers, lighters, hempwick, and, of course, a few surprises each month! Bongs are no strangers to these boxes, so with that in mind, the price tag is quite friendly. 

The Master’s Club – $139.99/month

The Master’s Club box is no joke, and can be geared towards flower smokers, concentrate smokers, or folks who like a little bit of both. All of the tings mentioned before come regularly, and in larger portions, as well as torches, dab rigs every single month, and accessories galore. There is definitely enough in The Master’s Club Box to share with some friends or even split with a roommate!

Daily High Club

Punnily taking some name cues from subscription box trendsetters like Daily Shave Club, the Daily High Club also follows in their professionalism, and is a top-notch operation. Featured in Forbes, High Times, and more, and advocated for by folks like Tommy Chong and B-Real, Daily High Club is certainly doing some things right. But name drops aside, their prices and just “cool” stuff is what makes them the most popular with their customers. They have some hilariously wonderful seasonal products like Santa pipes, and just seem to really enjoy working in the weed industry. In addition to a giant catalog of single-purchase items, Daily High Club’s boxes are great! Free Shipping in the U.S.

420 box

Box Choices

RAWsentials – $9.99/month

One of the least expensive options on this entire list, the RAWsentials box is for folks who smoke a few joints per week and don’t want to go to the local tobacco shop to get papers and have that annoying exchange of “papers and no tobacco, huh? I wonder what you’re doing!” followed by a fake laugh. The box comes with papers, tips, and a lighter every month, all from Raw, and then a few rotating surprises. 

Connoisseur V2 – $19.99/month

In the words of the Daily High Club, the connoisseur box is “for those who like to be well-versed in the art of smoking.” Each box contains 7-9 products, including papers, lighters, cleaning products, and a rotating variety of things the Daily High Club thinks you should try. This box seems to be pretty perfect for the daily smoker who likes to mix it up a bit. Those “stuck in their ways” may want to stick with the RAWsentials, but connoisseurs look no further than the box that bears your name!

El Primo – $29.99/month

The granddaddy offering from the Daily High Club is their El Primo monthly box, which takes on a new look each month, based upon seasonal happenings. This month, for instance, a stoned polar bear will accompany a monthly piece of glass, all of the essentials found in the other two boxes, and some merchandise that is ultimately valued at more than $80. 


This option for weed subscription boxes is probably the most elegant on the list, from the website to the contents, and is certainly geared towards the female demographic, but products seem to be enjoyable to all genders, to me! When you first reach the site, it has more of a feel of a spa treatment center than a cannabis site, but given the frequency at which new data comes out regarding the curative nature of cannabinoids like CBD, it makes a lot of sense! In addition to your smoking necessities, most of these boxes also come equipped with tasty treats, and things like bath bombs to really help you get into relax mode after you’ve smoked your product. For the classy relaxers who like a smoke, Cannibless is a great choice. 

weed subscription box

As a bonus, the folks at Cannibless also donate 5% of all of their sales to non-profit organizations aimed at helping to actively rebuild communities that were disproportionately affected by the criminalization of marijuana. 

Box Choices

Cannabanista’s Stand-Up – $54.20 (current sale price – regular $82)

Starting with the essentials of a cannabis-lover box, the Stand-Up comes with a  new glass piece, organic rolling papers, and a stash box each month… then, for the “treat yourself” aspect, subscribers also get hand and body creams, infused bath bombs, and some tasty, tasty treats such as jams and cookies. 

Stashbox Max – $54.20 (current sale price – regular $110)

The Stashbox Max looks like a healthy pothead’s dream. With CBD infused goodies added to the mix, this is truly relaxation in a box. Chocolate and other savory candies make up the munchie portion of the Stashbox Max, and you can also count on some really cool accessories like vintage lighters, and even trendy handbags to keep all of your goodies in!

Ishmael’s Box – $42.00 (current sale price – regular $67)

One of the option geared more towards the fellas, Ishmael’s box is a mix of favorites from one of the male team members at Cannibless. Everyone enjoys a nice bubble bath… especially after a perfectly rolled joint.

Cannabake Box

Cannabake Box is one of just a few subscription services on this list that only offers one box, but it’s pretty jampacked, especially for the price. The munchies are a little more “classic” than some of the healthier options on this list, but if you’re a fan of Laffy Taffy, Funions, and things of the like, the Cannabake Box would be right up your alley. It seems like it lends itself to the college house smoker the most, but anyone would enjoy the essentials that come in each month’s box. 

stoner subscription box

Every month, subscribers receive papers, lighters, and tips from Raw, as well as some form of smell-free storage device, and a new piece of glass, generally a classic spoon pipe, but varying throughout the year. In addition, Cannabake adds their very own recipe for some weed goodies every month, too. At $29 per month, it’s got a lot of bang for the buck. 

Puffer Box

Puffer Box is a one-size-fits-all option for subscribers, but in lieu of having multiple box options, they offer different subscription lengths so you can choose to get a box monthly, or every few months, depending on how much you smoke. Like some other options on this list, Puffer Box seems to take a lot of pride in making sure that each month’s box is much different than the previous one, while still making sure that all the essentials for a monthly smoker are included. They also offer one-time box purchases that you can have giftwrapped and accompanied by a greeting card, if you happen to be shopping for a loved one who loves cannabis!

monthly subscription boxes for stoners

The boxes are about $25 per month, depending on how long you subscribe for, and each will contain a new piece of glass (some of the bubblers sent out look really awesome), some munchies to help out with your food cravings accessories ranging from lighters and torches to hats and places to stash your stash, as well as a steady supply of many different rolling options for the joint and blunt fans. 


Not to be confused with the inflatable beach chair, this Puff Pack is a company offering up some different choices for weed subscription boxes. Sitting back in a beach chair and smoking with the products you get sounds like a great weekend afternoon, though! The website is very hip and user friendly, and they get right to the point as soon as you dial up their page. In addition to the rad variety of packs offered below, PuffPack really stands out with their customizability, and you can even create a pack for as little as one dollar per month! Obviously it won’t be nearly as robust as some of the ones mentioned here, but to each their own is the name of the game for PuffPack!

Box Choices

The Economist – $1.00/month

The Economist pack is for folks who don’t want to go out and get papers every month. Simple, secure, and to the point, The Economist gives subscribers a monthly delivery of papers and hempwick for pretty much nothing!

The Mediator – $14/month

The mediator is for the low-key, yet frequent smokers who need to re-up on a little more than the bare essentials each month. Each month includes papers, tips, some hemp wraps, a lighter, a doob tube, some hempwick, and mystery piece of glass. Really quite a bit of bang for $14! If you choose longer terms for your subscription, that can get as low as 12 bucks. 

The Artisan – $28/month

The Artisan is a step up from the mediator, and adds some cleaning supplies and some quantity. It looks like it would be a great choice for a couple, or two roommates who like to smoke frequently, and in addition to the things that come in The Mediator, you can look forward to a bigger pipe, some cleaners for that pipe, some screens for that pipe, and some hemp cones to make your joint rolling a snap. 

The Mystery Pack – $33/month

For the real adventure-seekers, the Mystery Pack is advertised as such: 5-7 mystery items that change each month, always including a glass piece (whatever their ‘glass of the month’ is).

The Premium Club – $129/month

If you plan on entertaining some luxurious guests who fancy the ganja, then you should at least consider looking at the one-time options on the Premium Boxes, but a subscription can keep you in-tune with all the new products offered to the folds at PuffPack. In addition to 10+ mystery items each month, subscribers also get all of the goodies mentioned above, and a glass piece worth at least $110 retail, and it changes every month. 


Taking nothing away from any of the other products on this list, Cannabox might just take the crown for the most fun. Each month has a different theme, and though sometimes seasonal, they also go outside of the box (metaphorically, of course… everything is shipped in a box) and certainly have some fun with their themes. They do only offer a “bare essentials” subscription, and then their regular box, but you can rest assured knowing you’re getting something very different every single month. 

smoking subscription box

Depending on the subscription, the boxes are within 2 or 3 dollars of $30 per month, so for about a dollar a day you can get a bunch of weed accessories including glass, munchies, and apparel, all in a different theme, like the current “Cozy Season,” or themes of the past like “California” and “Alien Invasion.”

Sensi Box

Sensi Box took things a step further and labels their subscription product as a 420 Lifestyle Subscription Bo. The website is very easy to use, and even offers live chat customer support. Sensi Box keeps things pretty simple, and just aims to check the essential boxes for what a smoker would need each month. Papers, tips, lighters, and some new glassware makes up the box pretty much every month. Occasionally an extra goody or two will be tossed in, but this is for the minimalists, certainly. The offer their original box, and the SensiLight box, for $38 and $23, respectively. 

monthly weed box

Hemper Box

Hemper Box stands out for being ever-changing. For stoners who like the “surprise” allure of getting a weed box delivered, Hemper’s options might be the best for you! Their monthy boxes follow a seasonal theme, but also always contain the essentials in addition to the aforementioned surprises. They have three main boxes to choose from, as well as subscription cleaning product box for those who fancy using glass for their flower or concentrate.  

Box Choices

The Hemper Core Box $9.99/month

The core box is slightly customizable to fit your needs, but generally contains enough papers, tips, and lighters to last a regular smoker a month. As far as surprises, they like to toss in some specialty wraps and rolls, as well as new ways to light up such as promotional hemp wick products or discreet doob tubes to take on your next road trip. 

The Hemper Pack – $21.99/month

Hemper advertises this option as having all of the essentials for an every day smoker, with new options every month in cleaning gear, odor eliminators, and odor-proof storage. Each box comes with more than 7 items, and you can let them know if you tend to smoke flower or concentrate more, and it will be catered as such. 

The Hemper Box – $29.99/month

As mentioned in the intro, Hemper has some fun with the seasons, and those who go with the Hemper Box subscription can rest assured knowing they’ll be getting a fun seasonal gift every month, like the snowman bong they are sending out to their subscribers for December. The boxes always include filters, cones, designer wraps, and cleaning spray, but also rotate in a fun amount of surprises, including glass, wraps, and promo merch to deck out your snowman bong. 

What to Watch For As Looking At Weed Boxes

Though this list is not exhaustive, it is also a safe bet that you’re not getting scammed, or won’t be receiving a bunch of nick knacks that people were just trying to get rid of to make more space in a warehouse. Every box on this list also includes free shipping to the United States, and most are very reasonable outside, but be sure to double check, as shipping prices can almost double the cost of your order on most of these monthly box options. 

Depending on where you live, it is also important to be sure you’re aware of the laws regarding CBD products, as some of these options (and others) will send CBD products right in the box. There are even some companies that have created boxes with THC products, but these cannot be sent across state lines, so your search should be much more localized if you’re looking for something like that. That weed can’t be smoked without some good accessories, though, so some of the box options listed here may go hand-in-hand if you do live in a place that allows for THC delivery. 

Most of the boxes on this list are praised for the discretion with which they ship their smoking products, but be sure to double check if you’re concerned about a neighbor, a policeperson, or anyone else knowing you subscribe to a weed box delivery company. 

Consider Performing a Test Run of a Company:

All of these boxes are much cheaper when done as part of a yearly subscription, but all also offer one-time purchasing options to be sure you like what you’re getting. If you’re hesitant to subscribe to something, testing it out is a great option. In addition, some of the companies listed above offer a “build your own box” option so you only get what you need, and nothing excess. 

Ultimately, if you’re someone who buys a lot of smoking accessories, a box option will definitely save you some money on a month-to-month basis, and you may want to upgrade to one of the other options that includes munchies, apparel, or other products to help you relax. 

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