October 26, 2020

Best Strains to Grow in Massachusetts – Cannabis

Massachusetts typically has a mostly humid and very continental climate. It has hot summers and cold winters. When deciding what strain to grow, the environment is essential as different cannabis strains need different environments to thrive.

A good setup or environment is essential for optimal marijuana growth, so some of the famous strains are listed below, along with their information (such as growth time, temperature, environment etc.) to help you get started.  

 8 Best Cannabis Strains for Massachusetts Climate:

The following are 8 strains that are suitable for growing in the Massachusetts region.

Girls Scout Cookies Extreme:

The Girls Scout Cookies Extreme or GSC Extreme belongs to the Indica family of weeds. Crossed with Durban Poison and OG Kush, This jacked cannabis with a hefty THC and CBD amount, making it quite useful for anxiety, depression, and pain-relieving problems. It can also act as an anti-inflammatory agent. 

best strains to grow in massachusetts

When you puff The GSC Extreme, it burns with a dank smell, having a pungent diesel-like smell. The intensity comes from the spicy diesel cookie flavor paired with a touch of earthiness to balance it out.

Growth information:

  • Time to Cultivate: 9 weeks
  • Total Yield: Moderate
  • Cultivation Environment: While cultivation can be achieved through indoor and outdoor means, this plant generally favors indoor cultivation. 
  • Growth Difficulty: Easy

Super Skunk:

A famous plant for its euphoric effects, the Super skunk is notorious for being one of the best marijuana out there. Its smoker is filled with a chilling feel throughout the body that relaxes the body and mind with a slight couch locking effect.. It is an Indica dominant strain

maine climate cannabis strains

It’s an excellent strain for those looking to free their mind from all the unpleasant, negative thoughts clouding the mind. Users tend to become extra aware of their surroundings after smoking this weed. Notorious like its effects, its smell is strong and skunky, yet it gives a blissful feeling. 

People who want to use marijuana for medicinal purposes can aid from this strain. It can help people with poor sleeping schedules to get better sleep. It is a good pain reliever as it aids people suffering from cramps or aches. 

Growth information:

  • Time to Cultivate: 10 weeks
  • Total Yield: High
  • Cultivation Environment: Indoor and outdoor cultivation are both viable options, but outdoor cultivation produces a higher yield for this autoflower
  • Growth Difficulty: Easy

Strawberry Kush:

Strawberry Kush is an excellent option for amateur smokers when they are experimenting with different weeds since its effects are not overwhelming. It was crossed using the potent strain, OG Kush and the Strawberry cough, so it contains effects of both.  

Massachusetts climate grows

People looking for a non-medicinal alternative for chronic pain and ache issues can use this strain as a good pain reliever. It comes with a plethora of positive emotions and feelings that can easily make the negativity in your mind vanish. It also calms your mind by fighting against depression and anxiety. 

Like other strains, it also helps people who are victims of insomnia. It induces good sleep. It can also be recommended for cancer patients unable to maintain a healthy diet due to chemical treatment. It produces munchies that can help people have a decent meal.

Growth information:


No, this is not the AK-47 you thought it was, but it is indeed quite a powerful and notorious weed like its weapon counterpart. It is famous for treating mental ailments, such as anxiety or depression. If you want to feel relaxed without worrying that you will pass out, this is the strain for you. It is also quite fruitful for people looking for medical aid, and many people also recommend it. 

growing weed in massachusetts

It is good for physical problems such as chronic pain or spasms. Its after-effects are average, not very high or lasting, so rookie stoners can use it even during their daily activities to keep things interesting without causing a problem for themselves.

It helps people in developing a healthier relationship with their diet. People who struggled to have a good meal claimed to have better appetites after taking this weed. 

Growth information:

  • Time to Cultivate: 7-9 weeks – Which is a fast grow
  • Total Yield: Low to Medium
  • Optimal Climate: Both indoor and outdoor environments can be used for cultivating this plant, but it is prone to diseases, so care is advised. 
  • Growth Difficulty: Easy

OG Kush:

Famous among marijuana users for its considerable THC content, the OG kush is notorious for its stoning effects. This Indica dominant weed is globally renowned for its recreational as well as medicinal uses.

cannabis in Massachusetts

 It provides a long-lasting soothing effect on the body, helping people relax and get rid of pains, muscle spasms, migraines etc. Its potent pain-relieving qualities can be attributed to the strong CBD content that it comes with. If you feel like vomiting, remember that this strain also helps to deal with nausea. 

 It is also great for dealing with mental illnesses. It helps people battling depression and anxiety. It eases the body, clearing all the negative emotions blocking the mind. Also, it’s great for people looking to cure insomnia.

Growth information:

  • Time to Cultivate: 8-9 weeks
  • Total Yield: Medium
  • Cultivation Environment: It has dense buds that can rot in a humid environment, so it is better to grow it in drier environments. It is an excellent choice to grow indoors if the environment is closed. 
  • Growth Difficulty: Difficult

Gorilla Glue:

The Gorilla glue can aid in relieving gum pain and muscle spasms. It has low CBD  contents, so it is not a very good choice for people who have serious nervous disorders. 

Gorilla glue has a fair amount of THC content, making it the right candidate for stoners trying to eliminate some medical complications. It aids in good sleep, improves appetite and helps in dealing with disorders like OCD. Also, for people suffering from physical issues like chronic pain, it could be a lifesaver. 

 It is quite fruitful when taken in controlled doses, but its abuse can worsen the symptoms or conditions of the user, so caution is advised.

Growth information:

  • Time to Cultivate: 8-9 weeks
  • Total Yield: Medium
  • Cultivation Environment: It can be grown both outdoors and indoors
  • Growth Difficulty: Moderate

Purple Haze:

A strain popular among both the pros and the amateurs, Purple haze is a Sativa strain that has been cross-bred by the Purple Thai and Haze strains. It delivers in a euphoric high that relieves you of all the paranoia and negative feelings. This gives confidence to the user. 

Some users of the purple haze claim that its medicinal properties include anti-inflammatory effects. It is also beneficial for chronic pain. This strain helps you release all the stress you have accumulated throughout the day and enjoy a good rest.

Growth information:

  • Time to Cultivate: 9 weeks
  • Total Yield: High
  • Cultivation Environment: Outdoor cultivation will give better results as the yield is higher. Indoor cultivation is also a viable option if outdoor cultivation is not available.
  • Growth Difficulty: Moderate

Amnesia Haze:

The Amnesia Haze will not cause amnesia, but this cross of Indica/Sativa strains is quite potent. You immediately get an acute sense of your surroundings that ultimately leads to a euphoric feeling. Its effects are mostly psychological or cerebral, but it is also suitable for physical activities. 

 It is also helpful for people suffering from mental disorders. The enhanced focus and sense the user gets after the smoke can help people with attention deficit problems. It can be great for stimulating the appetite as well. 

Growth information:

  • Time to Cultivate: 11 weeks
  • Yield: High
  • Cultivation Environment: It can be vulnerable to pests if grown outside; otherwise, indoor and outdoor environments are suitable. 
  • Growth Difficulty: Moderate

Final Thoughts on Cannabis Strains to Grow In Massachusetts:

Growing marijuana can be difficult, depending upon the seed selected and the environment. Therefore, appropriate guidelines must be followed before starting to grow a seed.

Good feed, suitable environment, adequate sunlight and temperature will help the plants grow more and provide better yield. Most of the plants mentioned above are good for growth in the Massachusetts region because of its continental climate. The hot, humid environment can be helpful since many strains thrive in such a climate. A clean environment free from pests and diseases for the plants should also be created to ensure profitable growth. 

Other Climates To Learn About:

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