October 6, 2020

Top 11 Short Sativa Strains For Compact Grows!

The famous debate on Indica vs. Sativa has taken place since the discovery of cannabis’ genetics. People saw Indica as the short one and Sativa as the tall one. For a while, that generalization was pretty accurate. That all changed once scientists were able to modify the plants. Thus, short Sativas were made, tall Indicas, cannabis with higher THC Concentration, higher yields, etc. With these short Sativas, those who grow cannabis in confined spaces don’t have to avoid Sativas like the plague. They don’t have to be the size of a giant, they can actually fit quite nicely in a closet.

We will be reviewing the 11 Best Short Sativa Strains! These strains will be judged by the following: THC Concentration(%), Difficulty Growing (Easy to Difficult), Flowering Time, and Bud Yield. We will also look into the specific strain’s environmental needs, taste/smell, and effects. So you can decide which Sativa strain is right for you!


  • THC Concentration: ​Up to 20%
  • Difficulty to Grow: E​asy to Moderate
  • Flowering Time: F​lowers in 8 weeks
  • Bud Yield: 1​4 oz per 3 x 3 ft

Ak-47 has a very powerful sounding name and those who love it say that it lives up to its powerful name. This strain is the mixture of South American Sativa, Mexican Sativa, Thai Sativa, and Afghani Indica. As the strain Ak-47 was created, it took after the Indica and became short. Now when growing this plant, one should either do it indoors or in a Mediterranean climate. Ak-47 requires pruning to ensure the plant stays the height the grower desires. The taste/smell of this plant is earthy, sour, sweet, and pungent. So when Ak-47 is consumed, it causes the user to feel happy, euphoric, relaxed on the couch and uplifted.

Amnesia Haze:

  • THC Concentration:​ Up to 18%
  • Difficulty to Grow: E​asy to Grow
  • Flowering Time: F​lowers in 8 weeks
  • Bud Yield: 4​ to 6 oz per 3 x 3

Amnesia Haze has some very tropical parentage. With Thai, Hawaiian, Jamaican, and Cambodian Sativa’s as the parent plants, it is no wonder Amnesia Haze loves the Mediterranean or an indoor climate to grow. Due to its natural compact size, growers are able to grow this beauty in just about any confined space. Amnesia Haze is almost completely Sativa, with 80% Sativa and 20% Indica. Knowing that you’re probably wondering what Amnesia Haze is actually like. When one consumes Amnesia Haze, they should expect a burst of creativity, euphoria, and an overall better mood. The smell/ taste of Amnesia Haze is citrusy, lemony, earthy, and sweet. This strain is a bit gentler than Ak-47 and also easier to grow because there is not much of a need for pruning.


THC Concentration: ​Up to 24%
Difficulty to Grow: E​asy to Grow
Flowering Time: 8​ weeks to flower
○ Bud Yield: 1​4-17 oz per 3 x 3

LSD Strain started in the beautiful country that is the Netherlands. This strain was named because of the extreme euphoria caused…that euphoria resembled the effects of an acid (LSD) trip. When this strain is grown, it should be grown indoors or a Mediterranean climate. Since the strain LSD isn’t difficult to grow, it is definitely one for beginners, but maybe not beginner smokers. With such a high THC content, no wonder this strain might be too strong for new consumers. The high given by this strain is euphoric, relaxing, and uplifting. The strain LSD tastes of citrus, earth and has a sweetness to it. So far, LSD has the highest yield and the highest concentration of THC.

Sour Diesel:

  • THC Concentration: ​Up to 20%
  • Difficulty to Grow: E​asy
  • Flowering Time: 8​ weeks
  • Bud Yield: 4​ to 6 oz per 3 x 3 ft

Sour Diesel gets its unique name from its unique odor. You guessed it, this strain smells like Diesel Fuel…so it is literally gas. Sour Diesel is slightly different than the strains previously mentioned because this strain will thrive indoors or in a cool climate. Sour Diesel has grown in popularity in the medical marijuana community for its ability to aid those with chronic pain, anxiety and stress disorders, and also depression. Sour Diesel is used medicinally because it gives feelings of energy, euphoria, happiness, relaxation, and a brighter mood. As you know, Sour Diesel smells like diesel, but it also has an earthy, lemony, pungent, and herbal aroma to it.

Cinderella 99:

  • THC Concentration: ​Up to 22%
  • Difficulty to Grow: E​ asy
  • Flowering Time: A​ bout 9 weeks
  • Bud Yield: a​ bout 20 oz per plant

Cinderella 99 is a legend, to say the least. It is close to being completely Sativa. This strain is quite contradictory to its own genetics because one would assume a plant that is almost completely a Sativa would be tall and have a long flowering time…but not Cinderella 99. Cinderella 99 is relatively short. This strain will do well indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. When first encountering this strain, the consumer should take into account the fact that the THC concentration is 22%. A high concentration of THC like that causes a stronger or psychedelic-like high. Those who have used Cinderella 99 say it has an energetic, euphoric, cerebral, and psychedelic high. They also say that it smells/tastes fruity and like grapefruit.

Jamaican Berry:

  • THC Concentration: ​Up to 23%
  • Difficulty to Grow: M​oderate
  • Flowering Time: A​bout 12 weeks
  • Bud Yield: 5​ to 15 oz per plant

Jamaica is known for a lot of things and one of the most notorious is marijuana. Since the Rastafarian Religion utilizes cannabis, the stigma against its use is nearly non-existent in Jamaica. It is no wonder that such an amazing strain came from the beautiful country of Jamaica. Just like Cinderella 99, the Jamaican Berry isn’t too difficult to grow because it can be grown as an indoor sativa strain, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. Jamaican Berry is actually used medicinally! It aids those with Depression and Stress through its happy and meditative high. The sweet blueberry taste is another reason people love this strain so much. Although this has the longest flowering time so far, the incredibly high THC concentration makes up for it.

Green Crack:

  • THC Concentration: ​Up to 20%
  • Difficulty to Grow: E​asy
  • Flowering Time: A​bout 9.5 weeks
  • Bud Yield: A​bout 20 oz per plant

Green Crack is such an interesting name for a strain of marijuana. The name “Green Crack” came from all of the energy the strain gives. This strain is a pure Sativa and that means it is full of all of that Sativa energy. Although it is a pure Sativa, that doesn’t mean this strain gets too tall. Green Crack will remain a medium-sized plant and thrives in both outdoor and indoor environments. Consuming Green Crack causes an energetic, euphoric, stimulating, creative, and cerebral high. Green Crack is the perfect strain for those who want to be productive. It will give enough energy to keep you going throughout the day. What makes it even better is its flowery, fruity mango taste. What’s not to love about this strain? A high THC concentration, easy to grow, pretty fast flowering time, and a good yield.

Gorilla Girl XL:

  • THC Concentration: ​Up to 25%
  • Difficulty to Grow: M​ oderate
  • Flowering Time: 9​ weeks to Flower ○
  • Bud Yield: A​ bout 17 oz per plant

Gorilla Girl XL is the result of Gorilla Girl x Sweet Gelato Auto. Those to strains alone are known for their high THC content…put those together and you get a very high concentration of THC. When growing this strain, you should only grow it indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. When asked what this strain’s effects were, there was only one word that came to mind…powerful. So here is the disclaimer: if you are new to smoking, this strain is extremely potent and might be too powerful for a novice. Besides its insane power, Gorilla Girl’s essences are of citrus, wood, earth, and fruit. Having the highest THC concentration so far and a good yield makes Gorilla Girl a very tempting strain.

Dream Berry:

  • THC Concentration: ​Up to 20%
  • Difficulty to Grow: M​oderate
  • Flowering Time: A​bout 9.5 weeks
  • Bud Yield: 2​ to 14 oz per plant

Dream Berry came into this world from the (Blueberry x Haze) x Blueberry Cheesecake. Thus, the name Dream Berry came into place. When growing the Dream Berry strain it is important to note that when grown, the plant can become susceptible to mold. Dream Berry can be grown indoors and outdoors but thrives the best outdoors. This fruity strain’s high is cerebral, uplifting, and causes people to be very talkative. These wonderful qualities are the reason Dream Berry is used for those with Chronic Pain, Nausea, and Depression. Dream Berry has a spicy, herbal, and of course a berry taste to it. This strain wouldn’t be recommended for new growers just because of the susceptibility to growing mold.

Stitch’s Love Potion:

  • THC Concentration: ​Up to 17%
  • Difficulty to Grow: E​asy
  • Flowering Time: A​bout 10 weeks
  • Bud Yield: U​p to 4 oz per plant

Stitch’s Love Potion is by far the most beautiful strain on the list. It comes in all sorts of colors…such as pale green, pink and purple. Imagine smoking pink weed or growing a beautiful purple cannabis plant. When growing Stitch’s Love Potion it is important to know that this strain can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. One of the more impressive qualities this strain has is its taste/aroma. Stitch’s Love Potion’s taste/smell is that of berry, fruit, mango, peach, bubblegum, and strawberry. And when this strain is consumed expect to feel an instant mood boost. Stitch’s Love Potion is a very sensual and uplifting strain, so be ready to have a nice time!

Jet 47:

  • THC Concentration: ​Up to 18%
  • Difficulty to Grow: M​oderate
  • Flowering Time: A​bout 9.5 weeks
  • Bud Yield: U​p to 2 oz per plant

Jet 47 comes from the previously mentioned, Ak-47 x White Widow x Lowryder. So obviously this strain is a popular one. Comprised of three well like strains has caused Jet 47 to get some love. Growing Jet 47 is pretty straight forward. One can either grow it indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. Jet 47 will produce beautiful white resin all over its buds. Once buds are ready to harvest and it is time for one to consume it, the consumer should expect a happy and relaxing high. Jet 47 is good for daytime use Environmental Needs.

Final Thoughts on Short Sativa Strains!

Those were the 11 Best Short Sativa Strains. When choosing a strain(s) to grow, there are so many options and varieties. Hopefully, this list helped! If you’re looking strictly for the best sativa strains, then we have a great list for that as well!

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