August 3, 2020

5 Best Outdoor Strains For New England!

Growing cannabis in the North East can be extremely difficult with our colder climate and shorter growing season. That being said, if you select the right outdoor strain, then you’ll have no difficulties with growing in New England. In this guide we’re gonna give you are tried and tested, 5 best outdoor strains for New England!

8 Best Outdoor Strains For New England and the Northeast:

Below is our list of recommendations for growers of any skill level who are looking for the best outdoor strains for New England or the Northeast:

Below we’ll be giving our favorite strains to grow in New England and also why they’re better choices than other strains… Hint: genetics becomes huge when dealing with more difficult growing environments.

White Widow

One of the more popular strains on this list, White Widow is a very popular Dutch strain that has been genetically designed for the cooler weather in Northern Europe which translate great to our climate in New England. This strain is more recusant to not only colder weather but also changes in weather/temperature so it will be able to take a bit of fluctuation in weather.

best outdoor strains for New England

White Widow gives you the ultimate relaxing high with a pretty high THC amount which will help to unlock your creative genius! With 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, this strain is one of the best all around, and is a quite the easy grow! Furthermore, it produces a pretty large yield at around 18 oz per 3 x 3 foot grow.

Overall this is the perfect strain for colder climates such as New England as genetically it has been designed for these colder climates. If you’re looking for a strain that will survive the climate, then White Widow is your go to!

Blue Cheese

It might be quite cool outside, but this Blue Cheese strain won’t know the difference! This strain was genetically bred to handle cool climates and actually thrives in them. Originating in Northern Europe, this strain is a product of male Blueberry and female Skunk.

best outdoor strain for northeast

This indica dominate strain has great effects which will leave you euphoric and relaxed while giving you a burst of joyful feelings as well. With about 19% THC and a bit of CBD as well, this gives you the perfect combination of psychoactive effects but also a bit of medicinal effects from the CBD as well.

The yield of this strain is decent sized with about a 9 oz yield per 3 x 3 foot grow area. The flowering period is around 8 weeks which is relatively quick.

If you’re looking for the best outdoor strain for Northeast USA, then this should definitely be up at the top of your list to try. This genetically durable strain is ready to take on the cooler environment head on!

Northern Lights

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the cannabis industry, then I’m sure you’ve heard of Northern Lights. One of the most popular strains in the world is known for it’s easy ability to grow, high resiliency, and it’s sweet and spicy aroma.

cold climate strains

Northern lights genealogy comes from Afghani indica and Thai sativa which gives it the genetic jackpot of resiliency with it being durable from both cooler weather and also diseases. Which makes it perfect for New England.

The effects of Northern Lights are quite popular and well documented. This strain will give you a nice relaxed, euphoric feeling. It is the ultimate relax and unwind strain, without giving you too much couch lock. This strain has a nice sweet and spicy aroma which is quite enjoyable. Along with this, Northern Lights does a great job with both pain management, and also mental and emotional pain. It is often used to treat depression or anxiety, as well as inflammation.

Northern Lights was born into the cooler weather so it has what it takes to withstand the New England climate! This hugely popular strain should be one of the top strains on your list, give it a try today!

Super Skunk

Another Indica dominate strain which is great for cooler Northeast climates! The Super Skunk strain is extremely popular and for very good reason! With origins from an Afghani indica, this is strain is genetically designed to be resilient to both cooler weather and disease and mold!

growing cannabis in new england

This strain will give you a pungent but sweet bud which is really relaxing even to smell. This is a pretty strong effect strain which will pepper you with a strong couch lock for the ultimate relaxation after a long day. This strain does a great job at slowing down your body but still giving you the mental clarity you might need to continue unwinding. Along with this, it definitely will make you hungry, so it’s great to boost your appetite.

The yield of this strain is approximately 5 oz per 3 x 3 foot grow area. Along with this, this strain is relatively compact which makes it a good choice when you might not have the height you may need for other strains.

Overall this strain is perfect for cooler growing climates like New England and the Northeast. It is a pretty easy grow and is resilient to climate and to disease, so you shouldn’t have many issues! Overall I’d definitely recommend you give this strain a try on your next outdoor grow!

Final Thoughts on Selecting Cannabis Strains For New England

So if you’re living in a cooler climate such as New England or Northeast USA, then you’ll quickly notice that not all cannabis strains can withstand the climate. You’ll have to specifically select a strain that is genetically suited for cooler climates.

The above list are all of our tried and tested strains which can handle cooler climates and will be perfect for your grow. As we continue to test out additional strains for our outdoor grows in cooler environments, we’ll continue to update this list. Please leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or questions!

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